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Adventure Time Battle Party: Beemo & Fionna Revealed

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Princess Bubblegum is throwing a royal bash, but this isn’t just any party...it’s Adventure Time Battle Party! While on the surface it may seem like a celebration of the mightiest warriors in the land, it’s secretly PB’s latest experiment to observe these heroes duking it out in a scientifically controlled environment! 


Beemo is a technological Wizard who specializes in blasting multiple enemies at once. 

Attack Type: Ranged

Role: Wizard/Jinxer 


  • Slow-MO (Passive) – After using 3 Powers, Beemo's next Power SLOWS in addition to normal effects.
  • BMO Is Camera (Q) – Projects a powerful light beam that damages and BLINDS
  • Main Brain Game Frame (W) – Beemo blasts enemies with a ring of video game energy that explodes in a huge burst of damage and STUNS targets.
  • Bouncy Bee (E) – Beemo unleashes a huge, slow-moving bee that will crush opponents in its path. Can hit multiple targets. 


Fionna is both the hammer and the anvil. She can dish out massive damage as a Fighter one minute and be a tough-as-nails Tank the next. If you are extremely unlucky, you might catch her when she’s both.

Attack Type: Melee

Role: Fighter 


  • Tenacious (Passive) – Fionna does more Attack Damage and Power Damage as her health drops.
  • Blade Rush (Q) – Dash forward and slash. Can be used 3 times, with the final slash hitting a large area and SLOWING enemies.
  • Fierce / Fearless (W) – TOGGLE: Drains health to boost move and attack speed. / Slowly heals. Bonus armor and shield.
  • Invincible! (E) – For 6 seconds, Fionna cannot go below 1 health.

Adventure Time: Battle Party is the latest addition to the growing catalog of games featuring the Adventure Time crew. Be sure to head to the Cartoon Network site to check out the game and give it a whirl. The beta opens up every Thursday, so be sure to head there for a trial today!

The beta can be accessed here: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/adventuretime/adventure-time-battle-party/index.html and it is open to all on Thursdays only, and the devs will be online to play with fans from 8-10p ET. 


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