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Add, If Madness Were a Weapon

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Hey Gang, GM Moshup here with all the juicy details about the launch of Elsword’s delightfully psychotic new character Add. The 9th playable character in the Elsword lineup, Add pushes the boundaries of genius beyond the brink of insanity. With just a touch of psycho-delirium and a viciously explosive and dynamic skill set, he brings an unexpected transformation to the classic Elsword game experience.     

Let’s start at the beginning: Over a thousand years ago, Add was born into a household of intellects and scholars ~ engineers and mechanics. His family sought only to research the life and culture of the automaton race that cohabitated peacefully with the humans on Elrios… the Nasods.

In the following years, the power of El dwindled dramatically. The Nasod and human races exploded into a war over what precious El resources that remained. With a lust for knowledge beyond measure, the family elders wanted to obtain the secret of the Nasod power at any cost, and when the elders were finally discovered stealing these ancient, forbidden secrets, they were killed.

The Nasod captors took pity on Add for being only a child and spared him. However, he was sold into a life of servitude. Already driven to the point of madness, Add easily escaped. Fumbling his way across uncharted Nasod techno-wilderness, he crashed through what seemed to be the towering canopy of some long abandoned, highly advanced research facility… some type of library. With no way out, Add was trapped. But he couldn’t be bothered; he now possessed volumes of Nasod research that spanned lifetimes and resources to keep him alive until he could find his way out. Unfortunately, this clandestine library also served as a hole in time, a dimensional prison. With nowhere to go, Add researched the secrets of the Nasod race, and from broken down Nasod remains he built the extremely powerful Nasod Dynamo. The Nasod Dynamo channeled the forbidden power of the Nasod, and Add used his immense, newfound power to break free and demolish the prison. Being driven stark raving mad from a thousand years of isolation, being held captive and witnessing the atrocities that fell upon his family, Add sought out the Nasod code, the core of the Nasod schema… only to find out that the Nasod race had been destroyed entirely, many years ago…

Then he found her. From trace images of code from the destroyed Nasod King, Add found her whereabouts, the little Nasod queen. She is Nasod, she must know how to go back.

Now that we know the reason for Add’s lunacy, let’s talk about gameplay. Add is the first male Elsword character that is completely magic or power aspected. This means he hits hard and at a distance. Though he weak vs physical attacks, he counteracts this weakness with a dynamic combo system and explosive damage output.

Add brings a new Dynamo Point (DP) system to Elsword combat. A typical attack will fill Add’s “DP Gauge”. When the DP Gauge fills to the appropriate level, players can press “Ctrl” to enter DP Mode. While in DP Mode, attack power temporarily increases and combos become more advanced and powerful. As well, a DP Counter fills with 1 Dynamo Point. His process can be repeated so that multiple Dynamo Points are attained. The Dynamo Points can then be used by certain powers. The more Dynamo Points you have stacked, the more devastating these magic attacks become.

The Nasad Dynamo is the culmination of a thousand years of Nasod research and weaponization. Not only does Add use his Nasod Dynamo in basic combat, he uses this weapon to cast impressive electric bursts, form a devastating particle cannon and use his magic power to control and manipulate his environment. As well, the Dynamo is used to levitate and fly in bursts giving Add an unexpected edge in map control. Utilizing the new DP Point System and the Nasod Dynamo to their full potential give Add a very dominant presence in both PvE and PvP.  The DP System can be used for bigger and better combo scores and Add’s casting ability allows him to manipulate gravity and void type powers to control his environment for both map and crowd control.  

One last thing before we go. Add is the most graphically advanced character on the Elsword roster. Playing as Add is just exciting. Every attack animation and magic impact crackles with energy and electric current. The explosions are huge and his laughter is maniacal. This is one of the most exciting character releases we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to our players in a long time… Enough to drive us all mad.

Come play Elsword. Play your Manga.                

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