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Just this week, My.com launched the massive Shadowblade update for Revelation Online. With a new class, tons of new content and improvements, it might be time to dip your toe back into the free to play MMORPG. Read on as we’re outlining all the new stuff to play with in the Shadowblade update.

The big highlight of the new patch is the Assassin class addition, itself. An enigmatic, stealthy, and lethal class, the Assassin is sure to be a favorite of many.

The Master of Darkness

Using shadow mist as a cloak, these close-range specialists rely on the element of surprise and physical burst abilities to annihilate unaware targets, though they are also capable of mid-range attacks should the situation call for it.

Here are the official details on how the Assassin plays:

Wielding dagger and chain primarily, Assassins are exceptional at executing single-target takedowns, especially against enemies in the backline. Blending their stealth and finesse, the Assassin moves unnoticed through the battlefield, setting up deadly ambushes and harassing (or destroying) priority targets before they even realize they’re in danger.

  • Combat Style: Subterfuge and single-target assassination via physical melee combat.
  • Difficulty: Requires a quick and tactile mind to weigh up each situation and judge risk versus reward before making a move.
  • Class Advantages: Lightly armored and fleet-footed, Assassins are formidable duelists who set up their own opportunities and often make the first move in combat.
  • Class Disadvantages: Sustained front-line battle is not ideal for the delicate shadow masters.
  • Team Position: Backline Assassin. Uses stealth to bypass most dangers and reach unaware or distracted targets with the intent to bring them down.
  • Total Rating: Solo Duel ????, Team Co-op ????, Levelling Speed ???, Difficulty ????

Class Areas For Everyone!

One of the big new additions next to the Assassin class is the introduction of Class Areas into Revelation Online. Every class needs a retreat, a place to call home, a safe haven. In Revelation Online, this refuge is known as Class Area, a place unique to your class where you can find vendors and gain access to new Soul Grids and class-specific special skills. Personally, I’m fond of the Gunslinger’s pyramid retreat... each one comes with a dedicated quest and storyline that rounds out the narrative of how these classes came to be.

Change Your Class On the Fly

You’ve been asking, and My.com and Netease heard you... players can now change their class on the fly, meaning they never have to wind up a new character or start over the main quest each time they want an alt. Need a change of pace on the battlefield? Find a safe place and change your class & equipment to explore a completely different path.

And last but not least, the Venom ZX500!

There are a ton of mounts to use in Revelation Online, and of course those fancy wings. But why not cruise around on a specialized motorcycle? This new series of quests will lead you to your very own to pilot around Nuanor.

So what are you waiting for? Head back into Revelation Online today and check out all the changes!


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