Dark or Light

A Look at a Breathtaking Realm

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The announcement of Dark and Light's upcoming Early Access release has made major waves in the gaming community.  As we approach this release, we are excited to reveal more details of Dark and Light's dynamic, world, which is both strikingly realistic and wonderfully magical.

Mysterious Vestiges of a Lost World

Ancient ruins are spread throughout Dark and Light's world, and these monuments are as much a testament to a distant past as they are a foreshadowing of a groundbreaking future. Many of these ruins acted as portals, and it was through them that the inhabitants of Dark and Light were linked to the cultures, way of life, and magical knowledge of these other worlds.

 Harness the Energy of Flaming Volcanoes

The three races of the Dark and Light world, human, elf, and dwarf, all have their own interpretation of volcanic activity and its significance. For dwarves, the volcano is the cradle of existence, where the gods forged the world. Elves see the volcano as a kind of alarm, acting up when the world is in a period of chaos. Humans regard the volcano as a resource containing vast wells of magical power that can be mined and extracted.

The volcanic environment is treacherous and unforgiving, clouded with thick ash and pools of lava. It is also home to a powerful magic energy and rare materials that players can mine for various uses. There are hidden caves tucked into the mountain, and hot springs that can quickly restore a weakened player's strength.

Icy Mountains Filled with Magical Secrets

While frozen over and covered in snow year-round, this region is surprisingly biodiverse, and many mythical creatures dwell on the mountainside. Elves are the race most closely associated with this realm, but humans and dwarves are both anxious to gain access its magical secrets.

Winged Creatures Abound on Floating Islands

When the ancient portals were closed, it created a massive disruption in the electromagnetic field that dislodged pieces of the earth and suspended them high in the air. These floating islands, in contrast to the aforementioned regions, are quite temperate. The islands are home to a variety of exotic birds and dragons, and can be reached with the aid of a flying mount.

Valley of the Guardians -- A Monument to Noble Ancestors

These colossal structures were built by humans to honor the bravery of their fallen ancestors, and the two giant figures stand guard over the river valley that feeds water into the human city. City-dwellers have a deep and abiding faith in the supernatural powers of protection that the Valley of the Guardians possesses.

Mystical Energy Circulates Through Dense Forests

Elves and dwarves occupy the forest, though elf society is concentrated in the flatlands, while dwarves prefer to live on the thickly wooded mountainside. Elves have constructed a network of tree houses connected by swinging bridges that allow them to travel quickly across dense patches of forest. Meanwhile the dwarves have control over a territory that is easily defensible and difficult to penetrate.

Unlimited Exploration in a World Without Boundaries

Aside from providing unique areas for each race, the Dark and Light world is ripe for exploration, and every player will have a rich and varied gameplay experience. Players can wander through a fishing village at sunset while enjoying simple pastoral pleasures - or -  they can hunt for magical creatures like unicorns by following their tracks in the ground, and maybe even catch a glimpse of one if they're lucky enough! For players interested in getting close to DnL's magnificent dragons, there is a dragon breeding area, located on a swamp that also contains a variety of snakes and insects. 

Of course, the game's world is also home to some very sinister realms that only fully come alive in the shadows of night. Players can discover the remains of an abandoned underground prison, and can almost hear the screams of past prisoners emanating from the rubble. There is also a rocky island where many ships have encountered a violent end, and among the shipwreck rubble, it is rumored, there is a hefty treasure to be found. Adventurers should be cautious, however, as the island is governed by a giant cursed werewolf who commands a horde of evil spirits.


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