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Recently I was offered a chance to play the Open Beta for War of 2012. Being someone who loves to build an empire I was excited to give the game a whirl. I didn’t expect too much from this browser game but I have to be honest, I ended up with more than I bargained for. The tutorial was very easy to navigate and I took up arms and quickly absorbed myself into the game.

My surviving tribe spreads across the world quickly, being likened to a swarm of locusts by my enemies. The times have been tough on our people, but my heroes are a force to be reckoned with, generals of a new nation wresting control of the land and taking cities by force with advanced military tactics.

This is what War of 2012 is all about!

With an iron fist I rule my kingdom, but my true wealth comes from mastery of logistical techniques and player to player trading on the market. I’ve smartly collected the weapons and armor of my defeated enemies, smelted them down and recreated some of the most powerful equipment known to civilization. After making sure my Heroes were equipped I’ve been able to trade the rest and use the proceeds to further fund my war machine.

No doubt the most powerful of my neighbors have surely taken notice of my most recent conquests because my spies have reported increased enemy activity. Loyalty is the greatest asset to grabbing ultimate power; trust is scarce in these ravaged lands.

The few allies that have proven to be trustworthy have come together and taken a blood oath to control the Temple Arena. These last mysterious temples are said to hold the greatest treasures that remain on Earth, but they are highly contested areas of battle and the struggle continues to unlock their secrets.

War of 2012 moves in ages, such as Dark, Feudal, Castle,ect. which also influences the level of technology and military unites you have access too. You can recruit heroes and arm them with one type of military unit. Then send multiple heroes to attack the enemy. Units react to one another in unique ways based on their distinguishing features. For Example, the Arbalest is very effective against Pikemen and Billmen. Choosing a Hero that is proficient in ranged combat will boost their effectiveness even more. Putting the right units under the supervision of the best heroes is a core tactical decision you will face.

And hell yes, this is the type of game that you want to just play day in and day out. War of 2012 is amazingly addictive, with sessions commonly drawing more than five or six hours out of me in a single sitting. The reason? Because win or lose, War of 2012 allows players to guide an entire society and craft their own story, taking them from out of the disaster of 2012 and far into the future.


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