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10,000 Free Steam Games (SPONSORED)

Ewa Kazimierczak Posted:
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Hi Gamers!

It's MadBetty here. I have been mostly a "passive" viewer of MMORPG's content (best source of intel for fans), but I think that the time has come to deliver to you something new and entertaining.  Just as most of you I also respect my free time and want to spend it the best I can :D (lately Divinity Original Sin 2 has consumed most of it... and there is still more to discover...). I come from Poland - home of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt that I am extremely proud of (Cyberpunk still ahead, but we'll see). Certainly, RPG genre is my favorite, but a good action game... why not? I find interesting both F2P and B2P titles and always looking forward to novelties.

I have joined an international team that has created a special place for gamers from all over the world.

A simple idea + hard work + gaming experience = Bananatic

We would like to invite you to a special event dedicated to gamers. Check out the article to find out more about it. I hope to see you at Bananatic.

Take part in a massive giveaway and grab one of the unique Steam CD Keys! Everybody has an equal chance of receiving some of the greatest games! You can easily become the owner of your very own copy! All you need to do...

Enter the fun world of Bananatic by clicking HERE and see for yourself.

Firstly, register an account via Bananatic. In order to snap up the reward go to “Spend bananas” map section and check out the treasure chest. It hides a special prize so click on the chest to trigger the delivery. Now, wait for your Steam code. All codes will be delivered to an email within 24hrs after successful reception. You can also look out for your reward in the “prizes” section under account Settings if the email has not yet arrived.

Check out the regions that are allowed to participate in the giveaway - PL, DE, AT, CH, FR, BE, US, CA, AU, UK, RU, ES+Latam, NL, IT, SE, DK

The number of codes is limited, but there is no time limitation. First come, first served.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play games and get vouchers etc. just for having fun? Well now… it’s real! Check into our Bananatic website and discover a wide range of options for a gamer like yourself! There are no limits. Everybody is welcome to become a part of this gaming community.

Bananatic is like an online oasis for all those who wish to combine pure entertainment with loads of gaming-related benefits. Invest your time and interests (i.e. fun!) in order to receive extraordinary prizes! Everybody can join this digital garden where bananas seem to have taken over the world! Create your unique ‘hero’ and start earning!

How does Bananatic work?

This web offers multiple services that will reward you for your time! Bananatic has introduced a virtual currency called “bananas” that can be easily exchanged for dozens of different rewards. In order to pick up these bananas your main mission is to progress inside games and complete related quests.

It’s time to put those gaming skills to the test!

What we reward our community for here at Bananatic involves mostly... playing games! Sounds incredible? No hidden strings attached. Just choose a game from Bananatic’s current offers, register a new account and play! Simple as that… Each game contains its own set of unique quests or challenges. Read them carefully in order to achieve a required level of progression.

MMO lovers? Sci-fi fans? Strategic minds? Action seekers? The list of games is long… There are certainly heaps of ways to earn bananas! See for yourself! And the best players are always taken into consideration in our monthly ranking. The more active users gain even more!

Bananatic introduced some extra features for its users!

  • • If you’re looking for tips n’ tricks check out the forums and become a part of our community! There are several different categories created just for most loyal fans. You can ask for help or become a mentor for others.
  • • Are you good at writing? Then check into our ‘Bananapedia’ section. You will be rewarded with extra bananas for writing guides and reviews. Share your creativity and knowledge with others!
  • • Bananabet is the place where you can discover an inner gambler. Take your chances, bet prizes and… test your luck!

Invest your time = collect amazing awards!

  • • Paysafecards
  • • Steam Wallets
  • • Games’ codes
  • • Bananas’ skins
  • • Counter Strike Global Offensive skins and cases
  • • Games’ premium currency
  • • Playstation and Xbox cards
  • • Spotify/Facebook/Amazon gift cards and many, many more!

*Please be aware that prizes can differ for specific regions.

Ready to reap some payback for your leisure time? Click here.

I hope I could help MMORPG community find something new and thank you for attention!


Ewa Kazimierczak