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10 Tips to Become the Hero You Are Meant to Be

Adam Tingle Posted:
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DC Legends is a free to play mobile game with players able to create the dream team out of a full compliment of DC Superheroes and Super-Villains. In an exclusive developer diary, we take a look at 10 Tips to Become the Hero You Are Meant to Be!

1. Read Your Abilities 

Each ability has a time and place for optimal use, make sure to click and hold on your Super Powers to make sure you’re using them to their most devastating effect.

2. Take Control and Focus Targets 

Some battles are too difficult for your team to take on without you to lead them, take control of your team to focus on priority targets to swing the battle in your favor.

3. Rank Up Your Characters 

Ranking up a character not only increases the stats of a character, it also unlocks new Super Powers that augment every Super Hero and Super-Villain you unlock’s combat capabilities!

4. Do Hard Battles 

Hard battles are the best source of character shards, unlock a new chapter of hard battles after completing each chapter on normal difficulty and come back each day for a fresh chance at some character shards.

5. Teamwork! 

Customize your team members so that their Super Powers work together to make each other even more devastating.

6. Keep Your Characters in Tip Top Shape 

Level your characters, rank up your gear, and upgrade your abilities so constantly keep your heroes fighting to their maximum potential.

7. Use the Find Materials Feature 

Use the find feature to find exactly where to get that rare materials and shards you need.

8. Powerful Ascension Abilities 

Each Legendary Rank you achieve allows you to permanently enhance one of your abilities, there’s no going back though so choose wisely!

9. Take Part in Timed Events 

Timed Events are only around for a limited time each week and are the best source of rare materials and currencies!

10. Collect Your Daily Rewards 

You get rewards just for logging in each day, don’t forget to take a second just to check in and get some free loot!


Adam Tingle