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Exclusive Developer Journals

Exclusive Developer Journals

How to Avoid DDOS When Gaming (SPONSORED)

Have you ever been in the middle of an online gaming session, when all of a sudden, your connection dropped? Of course, this usually tends to happen at the worst time ever, such as right in the middle of an extremely intense one on one battle, and then out of nowhere, your ping spikes and it’s game over. Posted Mar 25, 2019

Astellia: Crafting a Brighter Future - Our Exclusive Developer Diary


To craft or not to craft: that is the question everyone asks when starting a new MMORPG. In Astellia we understand that while not all players enjoy crafting content, all can benefit from crafting. What we mean by this is whether you are collecting resources from the field, earning high-end components from dungeons, or buying the finished products off the auction house, crafting has a role in every player experience throughout Astellia.Posted Mar 22, 2019

The NoxPlayer Android Emulator Brings Mobile Games to PC (SPONSORED)

NoxPlayer is a free Android emulator dedicated to bring the best experience to users who want to play Android games and apps on PC and MAC. Based on Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1 & 7.1.2 and compatible with X86/AMD, it gained a great advantage on performance, stability and compatibility compared with similar programs like BlueStacks, YouWave or Andy the Android Emulator.Posted Feb 20, 2019

6 Reasons to Check Out Albion Online in 2019

Albion Online

A lot has changed in Albion Online since its release in 2017. For those who've been away from the game for a while, or haven't yet tried it out, we've put together this list of some things that have been happening in the game since launch. From new features that offer broader gameplay experiences to far-reaching upgrades and improvements, here's what you might have missed.Posted Feb 7, 2019

CLOSERS Announces the Launch Date for Season 3: Rogue Agents


It’s been a wild first year since En Masse Entertainment officially launched Closers, and on the game’s first anniversary, the team is thrilled to announce the next big chapter of the story in our epic anime Action RPG. Starting February 12th, Rogue Agents sends players off on a new adventure with an unexpected twist. The story so far has been filled with twists and turns, but we’re doubting any have seen this one coming...Posted Feb 5, 2019

Astellia Online - The Origins of the Astel Companion System


With the announcement of Astellia’s release into the Western market, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the questions folks have been asking. A whole lot of you have been asking for more details on the origins of Astels, and what these fantastic little companions will do to enhance aspects of your gaming experience in Astellia.Posted Feb 1, 2019 by Cliff Wilson

Langrisser Mobile: High Quality Music & Voice Acting Set It Apart (SPONSORED)

The Langrisser series of tactical RPGs has a long and storied history in the gaming world. Over 25 years of storytelling has taken place with epic tales being told. The newest game is Langrisser Mobile that not only brings back the highly respected Langrisser universe, but also the renowned composer of earlier games and some of the most beloved voice actors of all time.Posted Jan 18, 2019

ZBT Gaming Community: Discovering a New Way to Trade Items (SPONSORED)

Recently, a new platform called ZBT gaming community launched. Up to now, most other platforms have been used as a place for players to gather and talk about games. They’re aiming at connecting game companies and players. But in the ZBT Gaming Community, players can build a balanced system by joining events finishing tasks or trading items.Posted Jan 16, 2019

The Making of the TERA Valkyrie


In preparation for the launch of the Valkyrie class on consoles, we asked one of TERA’s writers, Scott James Magner, about the experience of bringing her to the western market and developing Valkyrie lore. Posted Jan 15, 2019

DLGamer Extends Holiday Cheer with Fantastic Deals (SPONSORED)

If you want to keep the holiday cheer going, then be sure to stop by DLGamer, the official retailer for Guild Wars 2, to check out a screaming deal on a Heart of Thorns + Path of Fire combo pack for 40% off. If you already own one or the other, you can pick up either Heart of Thorns (33% off) or Path of Fire (33% off). Those are just a couple of examples of how you can save big money on some of today's best games.Posted Dec 27, 2018

Book of Demons: What Is the Flexiscope? (SPONSORED)

With Book of Demons out of the gate (the game went out of Early Access last Thursday), it’s now time to take a closer look at one of its most interesting features - the Flexiscope dungeon generator. Posted Dec 15, 2018

Best Cyber Monday VPN Deal: Get 5 Years of PureVPN for Just $79 (SPONSORED)

If you’re looking for the best VPN deal on Cyber Monday, look no further. PureVPN, a top-tier VPN service, has slashed 88% off its 5-year plan!Posted Nov 26, 2018

Albion Online's Nimue Update Launches Today (SPONSORED)

Albion Online

Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, releases today, bringing Crystal Realm Battles, improved group-finding options, new creatures and accessories, and much more.Posted Nov 21, 2018

A Peek at the Dawn of the Magician Update

Riders of Icarus

The Dawn of the Magician Update will be free to all players as soon as it goes live. Everyone will be able create the all new Magician class ready to tempt you into chaos!Posted Jul 31, 2018

Developing in Leaps and Bounds

World of Warships

Wargaming is widely recognized as the company that created the iconic game about tanks. It's also known as the creator of World of Warships, a game about ships created in the same historical setting. It represents the largest fleet in the gamedev world to date, and the developers clearly do not spare any effort expanding it further.Posted Jul 3, 2018

Gamivo Special Deals - SPONSORED

Gamivo is one of the top sellers of reduced-price Steam keys on the web. Today, we’re offering an exclusive deal to readers to take an additional 50% off for users (500 uses) and 10% for 1000 more users. Take a look inside!Posted May 30, 2018

Steam Launch Day Arrives with Discounts & Goodies (Sponsored)

Albion Online

If it's May 16th, you know what that means: Albion Online has now officially launched on Steam! If that's not enough, Sandbox Interactive has a nice gift for ALL players as well as a sweet deal for anyone who's looking to buy in.Posted May 16, 2018

Albion Online is Coming to Steam on May 16th! (Sponsored)

Albion Online

The official Steam launch announcement has arrived from Sandbox Interactive: Albion Online will be released on Steam on May 16th. It will include new achievements that will also be available for those who use the "native" Albion Online client.Posted May 8, 2018

Echoes from the Past & Bright Future - Gloria Victis is Better Than Ever!

Gloria Victis

A lot has happened in the Gloria Victis development over the last few months. One of the most important changes, crucial for the game’s open world PvP and non-target combat formula, is the recently applied huge synchronization & controller update.Posted May 1, 2018

Bananatic Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Scavenger Hunt (Sponsored)

The team over at Bananatic really wants to give away some free games and are providing fans with a chance to do just that. Find out how after the jump!Posted Apr 13, 2018

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