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Destiny's Sword Overview

Destiny’s Sword is a squad-based combat/strategy MMORPG that combines exciting, cinematic combat with unique social game mechanics for managing the physical and mental wellbeing of your team as their commander in an ongoing PvP faction war.

Destiny’s Sword is about more than just crunching numbers to achieve dominance – you can manage your characters’ psychology and mental health throughout their combat careers. Destiny’s Sword features a realistic portrayal of mental health issues, highlighting the long term consequences of conflict.

  • The first MMO to realistically portray mental health | Experience exciting, cinematic combat while supporting your characters’ psychological and mental health throughout their combat careers.
  • A community-first MMO | Cooperative gameplay mechanics encourage communication and teamwork, ensuring that all players are valuable and able to contribute in a meaningful way, regardless of their achievement level or intensity of play.
  • Characters that feel | Characters in Destiny’s Sword can be wounded or even killed, but they can also suffer from persistent mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction.
  • Combat with consequences | Through our extensive consultation with combat veterans and mental health experts, we’ve learned about the long-term consequences of conflict, and we felt it was time that our entertainment presented a better depiction of this.