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Destiny Articles

Yes, The Destiny Cookbook Is A Real Thing

So apparently a Destiny cookbook is a real thing?

Music of the Spheres is the Unreleased Album from Destiny 1

A new Reddit thread has popped up that provides players with a link to a previously unreleased album of music from Destiny 1. The album, Music of the Spheres, was composed by Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. According to Kotaku, the album was never released by Bungie after O'Donnell was fired. The caveat in this is that the album has been released by a user named OS_Epsilon who has shared it and it is not an official Bungie release.

GuardianCon Surpasses $1M for Charity & Counting

GuardianCon began humbly three years ago with Twitch streamers uniting to rais money for charity. This year, it is a full-blown event that has already raised $1.2M for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ahead of the two day event to be held on June 30th through July 1st. This doubles the $560,000 raised only a year ago.

Clan Memorializes Fallen Friend in 'Guardian Down' Video

A Destiny clan called Guardians of Maetal Militia has lost one of its members after a long fight against cancer. Giorgio Filoni died on March 19th after a year-long battle. In tribute to their fallen friend, the clan got together to create a 5-minute long video entitled "Guardian Down".

Destiny 2 Appears on Twitter

The Destiny 2 image appeared on Twitter today. There are no details yet, but we will have them for you as soon as we can.

Age of Triumph Live Stream Coming This Wednesday

Destiny fans will want to check into the Bungie live stream event being held this Wednesday, March 22nd to show off some of the Age of Triumph update contents. Hosted by 3D Character Artist Ian McIntosh and Senior Gameplay Designer Josh Hamrick, the show will also reveal new rewards for Guardians in Age of Triumph as well as more information about the return of Raid weapons and making stuff fancy. FANCY!

Final Armor from Age of Triumph Previewed in New Screens

Bungie has sent out a pair of Destiny screenshots of the armor that can be earned in Vault of Glass and Dark Below. Age of Triumph begins on March 28th and brings back updated raids to make all raids "in parity" with each other.

Destiny 2 Confirmed For 2017

In case you missed it in our post about Activision-Blizzard's Q4 2016 earnings, the gaming giant has informed fans that Bungie's Destiny 2 is coming sometime in 2017, though the exact timing of the release remains unknown.

The Dawning Winter Event To Kick Off December 13th

Destiny players will be able to get into the holiday spirit starting on December 13th during The Dawning. The event will feature new quests and bounties, new challenges and marks the return of the Sparrow Racing League. There are 2 new tracks, one on Earth, one on Mercury. Lastly, a brand new game mode called Strike Scoring has been added.

Festival of the Lost Coming October 25th

Destiny players will be able to check out this year's version of the Festival of the Lost, the game's version of a Halloween celebration. During the event, players will be able to collect masks, candy and laugh in the face of Death itself. Check out this year's trailer before heading to the Destiny site.

Rise of Iron - Wrath of the Machines Trailer

Bungie has released a brand new trailer to show off the Destiny: Rise of Iron raid called Wrath of the Machines that is scheduled to launch on Friday, September 23rd at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern.

Rise of Iron Expansion Arrives, Servers Packed

It appears that the Destiny juggernaut is continuing with today's release of the Rise of Iron expansion, enough so that servers are overburdened and players are reporting they are being put into queues on logging in.

Players Raise $500,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital

During a week-long Destiny charity event, players helped raise $500,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ahead of this weekend's Destiny Community Convention (DestinyCon) set to be held in Tampa, Florida. Fans and players were able to donate to any one of the forty two streamers taking part in the week-long event and helped make this charitable donation the largest St. Jude's has ever gotten from a games-based event.

Rise of Iron Launch Trailer Has Something for Everyone

Destiny players looking forward to the Rise of Iron expansion set to be released on September 20th will love today's Gamescom trailer that has a little bit of something for everyone. Love amazing looking stuff? Check. Raider? Check. Crucible denizen? Yep, that too! It's definitely one to get PlayStation 4 players excited about Rise of Iron. Check it out!

Rise of Iron Expansion Preorders Open

Bungie has finally revealed the preorder details for the next Destiny expansion, long rumored, now confirmed. Called Rise of Iron, the expansion features a new story line set in the Plaguelands, a brand new location on Earth. Players will face off against a new faction of the Fallen Devils and learn about the Iron Lords. The expansion will also come complete with new weapons, armor, gear and 3-player cooperative Strike mode, new Crucible multiplayer and a new 6-player raid.