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Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms Overview

The New World is in a state of turmoil after a mysterious dark lord returned to the world to resurrect and reclaim control of his wicked army, the Night Devil Legion. They seek to take revenge on the foolish mortal Kings who had forsaken them, by releasing the all-powerful Energy of Chaos that mutated the natural environment and caused the population to completely lose their minds. The insanity spread through the world causing many people to become unnecessarily violent with each other. This disruptive behavior made it easier for never-ending disputes to develop between the Kingdoms, which eventually lead to an all-out world war breaking out.

You are destined to liberate your Kingdom by destroying the malicious dark lord who is orchestrating the war from the shadows, thus preventing the Energy of Chaos from further infecting the minds of the people of your Kingdom.

  • 100% Free-to-Play | The breath-taking lands of the New World are 100% free for everyone to experience.
  • Obliterate your Adversaries! | Obtain rare equipment by destroying antagonizers in powerful PVP battles that will satisfy your need for an enthralling combat experience, because every attack feels viciously visceral, requires consideration and looks spectacular on your screen!
  • Rule your Kingdom with an iron fist! | Become the first to claim the throne as King of your Kingdom. Change the fate of your citizens by throwing rabble-rousers in the Kingdom Dungeon or by cutting out the tongues of foul-mouthed miscreants. The King can also reward hardworking players by releasing additional experience for completing Kingdom Tasks successfully!
  • Start a revolution! | The King can be impeached by the residents of the Kingdom for being a tyrant who rules the Kingdom recklessness. If the impeachment fails, then you can always make a monkey of the King in the King’s Scramble arena to claim the prestigious title of King for yourself.
  • A Brand New World to Explore | The New World is a perfect escape for anyone who is in need of a well-deserved holiday. There are 66 different maps to explore, with a unique blend of fun activities to complete, treasures to discover, and monsters to defeat on your adventure!