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Destiny 2 Articles

Destiny 2 – Proving Comebacks are Possible

In the last few months we have heard all manner of game news. Fortnite was said to be falling off, if by losing a few million players out of their hundred million plus population, well, okay. Call of Duty launched their battle royale and is doing well. Diablo is on the Switch, and there is this little western game out there sweeping up all the headlines. Red Dead Redemption 2 is amazing. However, in all this news, Destiny 2 continues to prove its value with a hugely successful expansion called Forsaken.

 Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 3

I finally hit level cap! While I was thinking I’d hit cap and be able to gear up quickly to raid judging from my power level gains during leveling, I got a quick reality check after hitting power level 500 and finding out that gains from there are on are slow and require a bit of work. I’m still working on finishing up the story and grinding gear on the side through dailies and weeklies, as well as doing a good amount of PvP.

Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 2

I spent a good amount of time playing more Destiny 2, playing through the story thinking I would get bored at some point and probably just jump straight into the Forsaken content. I was wrong.

Our Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

It is a delicately thin line that the Destiny franchise rides. At its heart, Destiny is a first person shooter, yet it has flirted with MMO elements for years. So much so that its community has been torn over what to call it. With the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie begins to define the relationship. This is our review of Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 1

Is now a good time to pick up the game for someone who hasn’t played Destiny 2 yet? I made the jump to play for the first time and let you know what I run into, in our Destiny 2 Noob Adventures series.

Warmind Review - Mind Unblown

If there was ever a list of games that failed to meet expectations, Destiny 2 would be somewhere near the top. After dining out on the Halo series for much of the last decade, Bungie’s current magnum opus seems to redefine the meaning of disappointment. Its latest example, Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, is a perfect example of how little twenty bucks gets you from an alleged top-tier studio.

The Year Ahead Needs More Meat

Destiny 2 just put out its early gameplan for 2018, mostly about changes to the game’s cash shop (the Eververse), XP gains, and other quality of life fixes. It’s a good start, but there’s one clear thing it’s missing - juicy, meaty, content. Even as a casual Destiny 2 player, I can tell there’s not enough hints of actual content to come in 2018 to satisfy the player-base, and I’m beginning to fear that Bungie can’t catch up to the rabid demand for content.

Thoughts on the #RemoveEververse Initiative

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 since launch, but only casually as I’ve also been reviewing a heap of games across GameSpace and MMORPG. So, when I heard that there was a Winter Event called the Dawning coming to D2, I was ecstatic. It wasn’t until after Christmas, this morning in fact, that I woke to find out that such an event was making Destiny 2’s playerbase irate once more.

Our Curse of Osiris Review

People have been wanting some new content for Destiny 2, and they got it yesterday with the launch of Curse of Osiris - the first DLC for Bungie’s MMO shooter. Bringing with is hours of new story, tons of new weapons and gear to hunt down, new PVP, and new PVE options, players should be satiated... for at least a week. That’s the way of the gamer, my friends. This is our Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris review in progress.

What I Want Next

Let’s face it, Destiny 2 is a really good game - that’s also facing some really warranted criticism as of late. The current XP reduction fiasco, the lack of endgame content because they chose to reboot the series rather than add to it, and so on are detracting from the very real fact that Destiny 2 is a damned fine game that plays great on PC. But what can make it better?

Was a Sequel a Mistake?

Destiny 2 is a great game. But it’s also short on content for those coming either from the first game or new to the series. Sure, it’s technically a “new game”, but people playing MMOs, even ones that avoid the term, expect loads of content to keep them busy. Fair enough, Destiny 2 can claim it’s a whole new game. But the danger of taking an MMO and giving it a direct sequel is that you’re sacrificing all that older content to the garbage bin.

Destiny 2 PC Review In Progress

Destiny 2 is finally out on the PC, and we spent a good chunk of yesterday toying around with the new shiny shooter from Bungie. There are two main gripes we have about the PC version so far, but neither are absolutely debilitating. Read on for our Destiny 2 PC review in progress.

Review in Progress (PS4): Part 3

It’s our third week playing Destiny 2, and endgame has finally arrived. This time around, Gareth Harmer delivers his thoughts on the concluding single-player Campaign and gets stuck into the gear grind.

Review-in-Progress - Part 2

Looking back on this second week in Destiny 2, I’ml struck with two concerns: the story is starting to feel formulaic and the content repetitive. Is the sheen starting to wear off the shiny newness?

The MMOism of Public Events

One of the best features in Destiny 2 is the Public Event system. This idea has it roots as far back into MMOs as Warhammer Online in 2007 and 2008 when the game launched. Destiny 2 has taken the model and adapted it for players to boost their experience and leveling while exploring the narrative zones. It also brings in players from around the zone to join into an epic battle. One more thing, there are heroic versions as well.