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    Jeffrey O'Blenis
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    01/13/19 (01/13/2019)
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Deloria Online Overview

Deloria Online is a 2D MMORPG that was first created in 2000 as a small online game created in a legacy coding language by Jeffrey O'Blenis, which grew to a capacity of over 30,000 players on multiple servers. Deloria Online won various awards from 2001 and on, as well as being featured in PC Gamer magazine as one of the best free games to play. Deloria Online takes an immense amount of programming for one person, so in 2008 Deloria Online had to be put on hold.

As of 2016, Jeffrey O'Blenis again began deveopment of Deloria Online. The game has been COMPLETELY redone with all new features, new graphics, new classes and of course an all new world with new monsters, items, quests, abilities and more! Come join the start of a new era.. come join the new world of Deloria Online.

Deloria Online is a role-playing game based in a fantasy environment, where players would create individual characters in the path of the warrior or the ancient ways of magic to fight enemies and foes. Player actions were to decide upon the balance of power among the many guilds. Character strength, determination and skill were to be tested on many quests.

The lands of Deloria are ever-changing and constantly adapting with time, meaning it is constantly being modified and updated daily (no joke!). Deloria Online, unlike many other online games, focuses on the best game play and interests all players have in mind. Deloria Online has always been and will always be, built upon its devoted players and community.

Joining other players in Deloria Online not only makes you a part of the game, but a part of the Deloria community. With many interactive features in and out of the Deloria world, players can role-play and take their characters to the next level.

  • Classes & Sub-Classes | Players can graduate from their base class to a sub-class partially through the story line. Players can also choose between different class builds with their choice of abilities to use.
  • Quests | Players will be presented with a variety of quests along theirjourney. Following Main Story Quests will lead the player further into the story, while unlocking Ability Points to learn new abilities. Players can also pick up side quests for extra gear and money.
  • Beauty Boutique | Players can customize their character looks with a selection of character hairstyles and colors, different outfits and even different head appearances. Just visit a Beauty Boutique in any major town to set your appearance.
  • Player Gardens | Players can unlock their own small player garden around level 10, which can be used to grow a variety of plants and healing items. Gardens can be updated twice through the story line to allow up to 12 garden pots to use. Players can also obtain healing items to reduce the grow time of all plants.
  • Player Shops | Players can sell items to other players in the game, with their very own Player Shop. By setting up a Player Shop in any town, other players will be able to browse and purchase things from your store, even if you are AFK or asleep! Definitely a great way to make money!
  • Guilds and Guild Towers | Players can create or join guilds, which can be leveled-up with 7 ranks. Each rank unlocks different features for the guild, like expanded guild size, customized PvP slain messages, as well as purchasable guild banners and guild towers.