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Defiance Articles

Standing on the Lore & Moving On with Dark Metamorphosis

Later today, Defiance will be updated with the Dark Metamorphosis update, a free content expansion for all players and one that will see a new zone, a great story-based quest line, new missions, new enemies and more. We had the chance to chat a bit with Trion's Carble Cheung and John Hegner about Dark Metamorphosis and the future of Defiance.

Going F2P in June

Get those guns and stims ready to head back into the Arkfalls. Defiance will be going Free to Play on June 4th for the PC. A little bit later it will be hitting F2P on the PS3 on July 15th, and it’ll also be going F2P on the Xbox 360 at a currently undisclosed date (but soon!). Perhaps this is how Defiance should have launched initially, but that’s neither here nor there. Read on to find out what’s happening in Trion’s MMO shooter and how F2P will work in the game.

Arktech Revolution is a Revelation

Trion World’s Defiance continues to entice players with more DLC content, coming fast and furious since the studio reconfigured the live team last year. The fifth addition, Arktech Revolution, launched yesterday. We got the chance to talk with Trick Dempsey, Creative Lead on the game, about some of the boosts players will be getting as well as more upcoming content. Defiance has lots of plans and with season two of the show coming up, and Trick was happy to tell us where things are going.

Gunslinger Trials Will Change the Way You Play

The Defiance team at Trion Worlds is on fire. The folks have been pushing out content much quicker since the team consolidated to San Francisco. Hot on the heels of the 7th Legion DLC, new outfits and weapons, new factions, and incursions, Trion is prepping The Gunslinger Trials: it’s first major story-focused DLC. We caught up with Creative Lead Trick Dempsey to chat about the Trials. There will be some story spoilers ahead, so be warned!

Committed to Improving the Game

Defiance is a game with a massive amount of potential, potential that Trion Worlds is committed to bringing to fruition for players. We chatted with Creative Lead Trick Dempsey about how that will happen. It's a terrifically informative interview that you won't want to miss. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Saving the Game from the Plague

The latest in a series of cross over events between Defiance the television show and Defiance the MMO is about to being. We caught up with Senior Game Designer Trick Dempsey to talk about the plague update. See what he had to say before heading to the comments to discuss!

Looking to Push the Envelope

Despite a somewhat rocky launch, Trion Worlds' Defiance team is hard at work to make the game that players want. We scored an interview with Nathan Richardsson, VP of Development & Executive Producer Defiance to talk about what's happened since launch and what the future will hold for the groundbreaking transmedia game. See what he's got to say and then tell us what you think in the comments.

It's a Massive Online Shooter & More

One of the things that Defiance Senior Producer Rob Hill likes to emphasize is that the Trion-Syfy collaborative effort is a Massive Online Shooter versus an MMO. He's got lots more to say about this groundbreaking title so keep reading our exclusive interview! Let us know what you think in the comments.