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Defiance Articles

PAX West 2017 - Trion's Recommitment to the Game

Action MMO Defiance entered the world a few years ago as a tie-in to the SyFy channel show of the same name. Now, five years later the show may no longer exist, but the game is still alive and well. And the team at Trion Worlds is ready to recommit to making Defiance a success and making it a game players will want to immerse themselves in for at least another five years.

Alcatraz First Impressions

Defiance, the MMOFPS by Trion Worlds, has been teasing the latest Alcatraz patch for a little while now. They released the content on the test server, giving players like myself a chance to check out the new stuff without having to fully commit. Defiance is one of my favorite MMOs for many different reasons, so I was eager to see how I would do on the test server.

Aftermath of Season 2

The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light are making their move in Defiance’s latest update “Aftermath”. As the Pilgrims make ready to throw the world into Chaos, the stories continue where Season 2 left and lead us to Season 3. With seven new missions, an arkfall below Silicon Valley, a Thanksgiving Event and new features, this update is jam packed. I had the opportunity to talk with Trick Dempsey, creative Director of Defiance about Aftermath and the future of the game.

Mirror, Mirror

At PAX, the Devs were excited and stoked about the season finale the previous night on SyFy, where there were drastic results in the show and in the game world. Defiance the game has been a successful massive cross-over with the Sy-Fy television series with the developers of the game and the writers of the show working closely together.

Spikes, Stims, and Weapons, Oh My!

Defiance players will have an opportunity to check out the latest DLC, Arkbreaker starting tomorrow. We spent some time checking out the new content and much more. Check it out before heading to the comments to chat.

Detailing the Arkbreaker DLC

Yesterday, we had the chance to catch up with Defiance’s Creative Lead Trick Dempsey to get the lowdown on everything the upcoming Arkbreaker DLC will be bringing to the game when it launches on December 10th. Trick let loose on a ton of details about the new weapons, missions, zones, and UI improvements, so read on!

Launch Day Impressions

Today is a big day for Trion Worlds with the launch of its first MMOFPS, Defiance. We've been dabbling in the game and have a few impressions to offer to our readers. See what we've learned in our early moments in the game before heading to the comments to chat.

A Hard Look at Trion’s Gamble

Defiance is poised on the edge of release, the ongoing beta having nearly run its course. We've got an extensive preview to share that will pique our readers' interest. See what we've got to say before heading into the comments to continue the discussion.

All About Blur

EGO skills are a Defiance Ark Hunter's survival skills. We've spent the last few weeks detailing several of the EGO skills players will encounter and are wrapping up the series today with information about Blur. Read all about Blur before heading to the comments.

Twitch Gaming On a Massive Scale

Creating a "from-scratch" MMO is one thing but to do so while simultaneously tying to a TV show is something that developers have nightmares about. Yet, Trion Worlds' Defiance is doing just that and, according to our hands on reporter, is ready to make good on all the promise that we expect. Check out our preview before heading to the comments.

Cloaked and Ready

EGO skills in Defiance are going to be critical to a player's success. In the latest in a series of article detailing some of those skills, we take a look at "Cloak". See what it's all about before heading to the comments to leave your thoughts.

Sending Out a Decoy

In Defiance, EGO skills are a player's bread and butter but, to date, little has been said about them. We have teamed up with Trion Worlds to bring our readers the first ever information about these skills. In the second in our continuing series, we take a look at progression. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

They Got Borderlands in My MMO!

Trion Worlds recently invited the press corps to come to San Francisco to check out Defiance, the ambitious MMO being developed in conjunction with the Syfy Network. We've got a hands on report from that event as well as a first-ever game play video. Don't miss it!

NYC Gamer's Day Preview

We had a chance to check out Trion Worlds' upcoming MMOTPS, Defiance, during a recent Gamer's Day press event in NYC. Read on to discover what we learned.

A One of a Kind Experience

Trion Worlds and Syfy have teamed up to bring gamers and television viewers a one of a kind experience with Defiance. We had the opportunity to visit with the Defiance teams behind the show and the game. We've got a full report and much more. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments.