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Gamigo's Twin Saga, Defiance, and Defiance 2050 Are Shutting Down Today

A quick PSA in case this slipped past you, Gamigo is shutting down several titles today, including Twin Saga, Defiance, and Defiance 2050. Though the actual news of the shutdowns were announced earlier this year in February, the time has come.

Gamigo Is Cleaning House, Sunsetting Twin Saga, Defiance And Defiance 2050

Gamigo is clearly cleaning house as it was announced yesterday that not one, but three of their titles would be shutting down: Twin Saga, Defiance and Defiance 2050.

Defiance 2013 Sunsetting Xbox 360 Support May 25th

For those still lingering on Defiance 2013 on the Xbox 360, Trion Worlds unfortunately has some bad news. The Xbox 360 servers for the game will be shut down permanently on May 25th.

Defiance to Celebrate Armistice 2019 with a Series of Events

The Defiance team has posted a series of celebratory events for Armistice 2019. From today through April 1st, nine different events will be taking place in the game for players to participate in. The event also includes new items including the Caustic Fury Supply Crate and the Cyber Rig: Caustic Furty. The Armistice Bargain Box is also back and can contain a number of rare weapons and more.

Event Horizon to Sport 100% Boost to XP, Rep & Score Starting April 23rd

From April 23rd to May 7th, Defiance players can log in to the Event Horizon in order to enjoy 100% boosts to experience, reputation and score. This is a golden opportunity to earn extra EGO points that yield Valor rewards for Defiance 2050.

Armistice Event Arrives + Earn Free Patron Time Just for Logging In!

From now through April 9th, Defiance players can head into the game to take part in the 4-in-1 Armistice Event. During the simultaneous events, players can take part in Hunker Hell, Neo Votanis Freebooters, New Frontier Harvest and Outbreak. In addition, there is a new Outbreak with four tiers available that will help players earn EGO and Achievement points.

Valor Program Allows Transfer of Titles, Upgrades & Cosmetics

Prior to the launch of Defiance 2050, Defiance players will be able to earn a new currency called Valor Commendations that are used to unlock special cosmetics and character boosts. These are earned by completing Pursuits (achievements). In addition, the team detailed a set of unique Defiance to Defiance 2050 perks.

MMOFTW - Defiance's Second Coming

This week's MMOFTW covers Defiance 2050's announcement from Trion Worlds, Cabal 2's closure, Diablo 3's rumored Switch port, Yoshi P's promotion at Square Enix, and Black Desert's 2nd Anniversary. Watch and get learned!

Trion Announces Defiance 2050, a Recreation of the Original Game from the Ground Up

Trion Worlds has announced Defiance 2050, a reimagined version of the original game that is better suited to the current generation of consoles and to better take advantage of the power of today's PCs. Defiance 2050 will launch in Summer 2018 for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC.

Trion Begins Working on Console Version & Looking for Community Input

DualShockers recently met up with some Trion team members who are working on Defiance. With a stable population of about 120,000, the team feels that it's time to bring Defiance up to the current generation by updating systems and graphics and by addressing the community's wishlist.

PAX West 2017 - Trion's Recommitment to the Game

Action MMO Defiance entered the world a few years ago as a tie-in to the SyFy channel show of the same name. Now, five years later the show may no longer exist, but the game is still alive and well. And the team at Trion Worlds is ready to recommit to making Defiance a success and making it a game players will want to immerse themselves in for at least another five years.

Stay Frosty During the Solstice Strike Event

Defiance players will be staying frosty starting today with the return of the Solstice Strike Event. The landscape is covered in snow, peppered with candy canes and rife with snowpersons. And let's not forget those decorated trees with gifts beneath. Ready to snuggle with sugarplums dancing in your head?

New Currency to Make Purchasing Synergies Easier

A new faction and currency are available in Defiance that will make purchasing specific synergies a snap. Called the "Ex Inanis", these vendors take a special currency called "Purified Gulanite" that is obtained in expeditions, emergencies, sieges, arkfalls and through contracts. Using purified gulanite allows players to purchase specific synergies. A premium version of the boxes sold by these vendors is also available in the shop.

Brand New Arkfalls Included in Outbreak Event

A new Defiance event has kicked off. Called "Outbreak", it includes brand new arkfalls that see ark hunters taking on biologically diseased defilers and hulkers. Taking part in the event will yield new loot including the Calamity rocket launcher, a new synergy, a new weapon manufacturer and several new weapon types.

Hulker Hell On Earth Begins, Set to Run Through November 7th

The Defiance site has been updated with the news that "Hulker Hell" has hit live servers. During the event, set to run through November 7th, players can take part in a number of seasonal activities that bring new weapons and mods that can be found in Hulker Hell Arkfalls and Sanguine Extraction Supply Crates.