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Open Beta Impressions - Improved but How Much?

My foray into the final PC beta for Defiance 2050 didn’t have an auspicious beginning. The MMO shooter’s opening tutorial was busted in such a way that one simply could not progress the past that first instance with Cass. But eventually, Trion disabled the tutorial while they fixed it, and then things got better. These are our impressions of the Open Beta on PC for Defiance 2050.

The Ups and Downs of Defiance 2050's First Beta

Defiance 2050 isn’t a full sequel. I think a lot of people, myself included, expected it to be sort of like Destiny 2. Same sort world, lots of new content and systems changes. That’s not what Defiance 2050 is. Instead, Trion’s essentially giving the game from 2013 a new life on a new console generation, with new visuals, new progression systems, and new tech. It’s up to you, if that’s enough to start over.