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Under the Hood of 2050

When playing any game regardless of reviews or content creation like I am Defiance 2050 it's not only helpful but enjoyable to read forums which often prompts me to provide my own guides or insights where I see a need. In Defiance I’ve never felt compelled to do so as it has many passionate community members ready to contribute information and a data hub that’s been around as long as I can remember.

Is This the Best Way to Drive Yourself Crazy?

Headstart for Defiance 2050 snuck up on us pretty quickly after its announcement late February followed by closed, then open beta’s in June. Today Xbox and PlayStation launch officially with PC and to kick off this day in gaming history this is the first of three reviews in progress on Defiance 2050 that I look forward to providing over the coming weeks.

Getting to the Fun of It

I’ve been dabbling in Defiance “The OG” on PC for a week or so, in anticipation of the upcoming Defiance 2050 beta weekend, to get a feel for what the original is like and what I hope the new game improves upon. Not long ago, I gave you my gut-reaction to the 2050 announcement on what I hope we get in the new game. Now that we’ve seen some footage from IGN at GDC, I want to elaborate a bit more.

5 Things We Want from Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds shocked the lot of us yesterday by announcing a sequel to Defiance called Defiance 2050. Using the same engine, upgraded and enhanced for modern consoles and PC, Defiance 2050 takes place four years after the original game, and promises enhanced visuals across all platforms, brand new content, new mechanics, new systems, the works. Here then, are our 5 things we want from Defiance 2050 that’ll make it better than the original.