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Dead Island Overview

Dead Island is an action RPG and horror game and the first in the Dead Island series. Taking place on the zombie infested paradise island of Banoi, you (and your friends) can take on the roles of four survivors working together to beat back the infected and escape. The island itself is open world, and combat has a melee focus. Players are able to use what they can find to craft weapons to serve against the hordes. Zombies come in different forms, requiring quick thinking and good gear. Players can level up their characters via skill trees, as well as create weapons from items and loot on the island. Infected humans also pose a threat on this island paradise.


  • Craft Your Experience | With weapon crafting, an skill tree system, and a ton of loot, you can craft your own experience.
  • Four Player Co-op Action | Grab up to three friends to take on the game's campaign in four person co-op multiplayer.
  • Open World, Chock Full of Hordes | Multiple zombie types to keep players on their toes in an open world island environment.

Definitive Edition 'Dead Facts' Trailer

Deep Silver is ready to unleash the Dead Island Definitive Edition on May 31st. To prepare the way, the company has released a 'Dead Facts' trailer filled with zombies, interesting facts and amusing quotes. It's a must view for fans. Check it out!

PS4 Definitive Collection Available for PreOrder

Deep Silver and Techland have revealed that the Dead Island Definitive Collection for PlayStation 4 is now available for preorder for $39.99. The digital edition of Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and Dead Island Retro Revenge will become available on May 31st.