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DC Universe Online - Amazon Fury Part III

DC Universe Online players have traveled a long road with Wonder Woman through the Amazon Fury story line. Now, however, the story is coming to a close at a time when both Gothan City and the Underworld are in chaos.

Coming Soon to Xbox One!

DC Universe Online is coming soon to Xbox One!

Episode 16's 'Oa Under Siege' and 'Desecrated Cathedral'

Play Episode 16's "Desecrated Cathedral" and "Oa Under Siege" now! Answer Raven's call for help and return to the Gotham Wastelands, and return to face the Black Lanterns' threat on Oa.

War of the Light Part II DLC Available Now

New DLC Pack now available! War of the Light Part II continues the War of the Light trilogy, introducing the Star Sapphires to DCUO in an array of new small and large group content. Watch the trailer and play DCUO for free now!

Rage Powers Trailer

Available to both DC Universe Online heroes and villains and inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, Rage will introduce a new way for players to tank in DC Universe Online. As a 'Rage' tank, players will instantly heal themselves for all the damage they take as long as they are enraged, but should they allow their rage to 'crash', all the damage healed while enraged will hit them all at once.

Jens Andersen on Sons of Trigon DLC

We caught up with Creative Director Jens Andersen to talk about the upcoming Sons of Trigon DLC for DC Universe Online.

Origin Crisis Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DC Universe Online Update 7: Origin Crisis is now live and in the game. Origin Crisis brings new raids, operations, feats, gear and the new Quantum Powers set into DCUO.

Lair Mainframe

Sony Online Entertainment and the DC Universe Online team have released a brand new video with a special emphasis on the mainframe capabilities that players will have access to in their own personal lairs. The mainframe is used to 'summon' companions, call in orbital strike, supply drops, new to create new mods. Check it out!

New Iconic Legends

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new video developer diary featuring Creative Director Jens Andersen and Game Designer Andrew Buschmann as they give a first in-depth look at New Iconics for Legends PvP. The Iconics for Legends PvP will be released with the "Last Laugh" DLC expected to arrive later this summer.

Battle for Earth Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment is ready to unleash the Battle for Earth downloadable content for DC Universe Online. To celebrate the impending release of the DLC, the team has sent out a brand new trailer shining the spotlight on the new Earth Powers and much more. Enjoy! http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.dcuniverseonline.com