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DCUO & The Chowderhead Crusades

How does DCUO inspire someone to to write a novel heralded as "the comic book nerd's Ready Player One?" Scott sat down with author J.J. Walsh to find out how MMOs inspired him.

DC Universe Online: Jack Emmert On Episode 40 - World Of Flashpoint

Last week, Dimensional Ink Games released their latest episode, World of Flashpoint, free for all players for the first time. We sat down with CEO Jack Emeert on the latest episode and more in the world of DCUO.

Interview - Dimensional Ink Games' CEO Jack Emmert On 10 Years Of DC Universe Online

Just last week the DC Comics inspired superhero MMO, DC Universe Online (DCUO), celebrated it's 10-year anniversary! Dimensional Ink Games, the studio behind the development for the game, also kicked off a three weeklong in-game celebration that runs through January. We caught up with DCUO's Jack Emmert to talk about 10 years of the comic-hero MMO.

Interview: Massive Multiplayer Games Thrive By Connecting People During An Unconnected Time

It's been a crazy year, but one thing that seems to have been on the rise are the popularity of MMO games during the pandemic. We sat down with Dimensional Ink Games' CEO Jack Emmert to discuss this, as well as its impact on their MMO, DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online: Dive Into Atlantis in Our Exclusive Interview

DC Universe Online players have been swimming around in Atlantis recently thanks to the release of the latest game content update. We caught up with SJ Mueller to learn more about the new content and what players can expect. Check it out!

Amazon Fury Part III Interview

We sat down with DC Universe Online creative director SJ Mueller to chat about the game’s newest DLC addition, Amazon Fury Part III.

New Daybreak Austin CEO Jack Emmert Talks DCUO

Not long ago, the announcement that Jack Emmert had been made the Daybreak Game Company Austin CEO came as a surprise to many. We caught up with Jack to find out his plans for Daybreak Austin and for DC Universe Online. See what he had to say.

So Much Stuff Coming!

So, if you play DC Universe, we learned this week that it's likely you're playing on the PS4. The recent launch of DCUO on the PS4 has been hugely successful for SOE, with 54% of the DCUO players now playing on the new console. Jens Andersen gave us the skinny on all things DCUO at this week's SOE Live. Read on to find out what's coming next!

Hands On with the War of Light

The last time I had hands on with Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online I was taking part in a preview of DLC 8 Son’s of Trigon at SOE Live. The game has made a major transition since then with the release of the PlayStation 4. Now the game has a new DLC to go with the new console. War of the Light Part I.

Chatting War of the Light with Jens Andersen

We recently had a chance to sit down with DCUO's Jens Andersen to learn about DLC 9: War of the Light Part One. Read on for the full rundown!

Jens Andersen on Bringing DCUO to the PS4

In the next couple of weeks, big changes will come to the world with the launch of the Playstation 4. DC Universe Online players will also benefit from the console's launch as PS4 players will flood into the game. We caught up with Jens Andersen to talk about what's new with the game, the PS4 launch and what PS3 players can expect as well. Read on!

Sons of Trigon at SOE Live

We caught up with SOE's Jens Andersen to learn all about the upcoming DLC: Sons of Trigon. It's got new powers, new endgame content, and tons more. Read on!

Jens Andersen & The Hand of Fate

DC Universe Online players recently saw the deployment of The Hand of Fate downloadable content. We managed to catch up with Creative Director Jens Andersen to talk about The Hand of Fate, its new features, Operations and much more. Read on!

MMORPG.com Community Interview

We recently asked you, our loyal readers, to submit questions to the DC Universe Online team. We chose some of the best to submit to DCUO's Senior Community Relations Manager Tony Jones. We've got your answers so keep reading!

F2P and the Community

With SOE Austin’s DC Universe Online going the Free-to-Play route at the end of October, we caught up with Community Manager Tony “RadarX” Jones to chat about all things surrounding this move. Most importantly, we talked about how it will change the way he does his job and the way the community interacts with the game as a whole. Check it out and then leave us a comment or two.