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The Quiz: DC Universe Online Edition

By Drew Wood on December 29, 2010 | Columns | 0

Ladies and Gents, it's Wednesday again and that can really only mean one thing; Quiz Day. With all of the turkey and pie (and other such foodstuffs) filling my festive belly, I thought to myself, "Drew, everything is so crazy and hectic right now, why don't you write a quiz on a game you're currently playing?". Then I Thought to myself "Drew, that's a fine idea!". Therefore, I give you, with less than a month until its release, The DC Universe Online Quiz!

Q: Name the six possible DC Classic Character mentors for new characters (Three Good, Three Bad)


Q: The game has six different power types from which you can choose upon character creation. Name them. Bonus Points! For each power class, correctly identify it as either a Tank Role, a Controller Role, or a Healer Role.


Q: Each side has an HQ. What is it called for the good guys, and for the bad guys? Bonus Points! What are the names of the characters who guide you through the early portions of the game and take you on a tour of your HQ?


Q: What are the three movement types you have access to? Bonus Points: At what level do you receive your first skill point with which you can take a movement based ability?


Q: Which character provides the voice for the location kiosks scattered throughout the game?


Q: In the opening cinematic, Who Do You Trust, it is revealed that the characters, both good and evil, must unite and train the new superheroes in preparation for a fight with this badguy. Bonus points? What DC Character is defeated by Wonder Woman in the opening cinematic?


Q: Three actors, formerly of the cult-favorite television show Firefly, lend their voices to DC Universe Online. Who are they, and what characters do they voice?


Q: When battling Gorilla Grodd, which hero and member of the Justice League helps you take the monkey down?


Q: What are the ten Combat Styles to choose from?


Q: Rounding out the quiz this week, I'll leave you with a little guessing game about me, the writer. What, in my personal opinion, is the one complaint that a lot of DC Fans have about this game that I believe just isn't that big of a deal? Yeah, it's a complete random guess, but I wish you all the best of luck. Oh, and BONUS POINTS! Which DC Character is my favorite? Hint: They're mentioned in the answer of one of these questions.


Anyway, that's the end of the quiz this week for me. I hope you enjoyed another game-specific quiz. Got any suggestions for categories in the future? Feel free to let me know in the comments.


Drew Wood