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DC Universe Online Articles

Latest Build for Game Update 73 aka Stats Revamp Now on PTR

Game Update 73 for DC Universe Online is shaping up to be a big one and is even subtitled "Stats Revamp". To give players an idea of what to expect and to assist the devs with tracking the impact of changes, Stats Revamp has landed on the PTR. According to the post on the forums, devs will be watching testing progress over the next few weeks and will tweak / adjust according to player feedback.

Age of Justice Sends Players Back in Time & Launches June 1

Beginning June 1st, DC Universe Online players will be able to take part in the Age of Justice. Players will travel back to the 1940s during World War 2 and join up with Wonder Woman, the Justice Society and the Blackhawks.

Starro the Conqueror Event Takes Flight

Daybreak Games has sent word that DC Universe Online has been updated with the Starro the Conqueror event that brings a lot of new content and great rewards into the game. The event features the first villain from the Justice League.

Celebrate the 6th Anniversary with the Anti-Monitor Event

DC Universe Online is turning six years old and are bringing an anniversary event into the game to get players involved in the celebration. From now through January 31st, players can take part in the Anti-Monitor Anniversary event that brings new open world missions, a new 8-player raid called Centennial Collapse, new gear, collections, feats and much more into the game for the duration.

Free Open Episodes to Continue Through January 31st

Here's some great news going in to 2017 for DC Universe Online players: Daybreak has announced that Episodes 1-26 are open for all players through January 31st. Originally slated to end today, the team made the decision to extend Open Episodes for another month. The membership and purchase requirements have been lifted for the duration of the event. The only episode not included is the most recent one, Amazon Fury Part III.

Episodes 1-26 Available to ALL Through Year's End

Some great news for DC Universe Online players has been revealed by the devs: Episodes 1-26 are open for all players through December 31st. The membership and purchase requirements have been lifted for the duration of the event.

DC Universe Online - Amazon Fury Part III

DC Universe Online players have traveled a long road with Wonder Woman through the Amazon Fury story line. Now, however, the story is coming to a close at a time when both Gothan City and the Underworld are in chaos.

Amazon Fury Part III Interview

We sat down with DC Universe Online creative director SJ Mueller to chat about the game’s newest DLC addition, Amazon Fury Part III.

Amazon Fury Part III Brings the Trilogy to Its Conclusion

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with the latest creative director's letter that lays out the details for Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III. This episode will bring the trilogy to a close and will send players to Mount Olympus alongside Ares and Circe to take on Zeus himself.

Big Combat Changes Coming in Stats Revamp Update

Daybreak Games Company has revealed a series of changes coming to DC Universe Online that will give players an overall better feeling about the scaling of enemies throughout the game.

Celebrate Batman Day with a Week's Worth of Activities

Batman Day is Saturday, September 17th, but the DC Universe Online team is ready to celebrate the auspicious day with an entire week's worth of activities that include a marketplace sale, trivia sweepstakes opportunities and the Legends PvE week long event.

New Daybreak Austin CEO Jack Emmert Talks DCUO

Not long ago, the announcement that Jack Emmert had been made the Daybreak Game Company Austin CEO came as a surprise to many. We caught up with Jack to find out his plans for Daybreak Austin and for DC Universe Online. See what he had to say.

Cryptic Co-Founder Jack Emmert Named CEO of Daybreak Austin

Out of left field, it seems that Cryptic Studios' Co-Founder Jack Emmert has been named as CEO of Daybreak Austin, the studio responsible for DC Universe Online.

Brandon The Atom Routh Checks Into XB1 Version

Brandon "The Atom" Routh met up with Daybreak's Jens Andersen to play DC Universe Online via XBox One. The pair talk movies, DC characters, acting and even spend some time creating awesome characters before heading into the game together. You can check it all out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Pull On Your Tights, XBoxers, Launch Day Arrives

XBox One players can finally enjoy DC Universe Online when it officially launches for the console later today. The XBox One version joins the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of DCUO and will contain the same content as all other platforms. There will not be, however, be cross-platform play.