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Style Unlocking....Unlocks Today with Game Update 82

DC Universe Online players will be able to unlock visual Styles thanks to the arrival of Game Update 82. Developers liken it to the way that Feats are currently unlocked. "Players can now use Replay Badges to unlock certain styles, as long as they have earned those styles on other characters on their account".

Players Can Now Participate in a DELUGE of New Content

DC Universe Online has been updated to bring the Deluge content on board. Players can look forward two brand new Elite raids for high end players, but there's a lot to enjoy for anyone over level 10. Players will find a definitely damp theme in Deluge with some "all new iconic Aquaman characters" including Mera, Black Manta and Corum Rath. Aquaman and Ocean Master have also been updated for a swank new look.

A Literal 'Deluge' of Information About the Next Episode Revealed

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a literal DELUGE of information on the game's next episode. Called 'Deluge' (see what I did there?), the new content will be available soon for anyone over level 10, but there are also two brand new Elite raids for top level players. In addition, players will see Starro's Invasion make a return as a permanent part of the game and find some all-new "iconic Aquaman characters" coming.

Devs Tease Out Superman's Death AND 80th Birthday All for 2018

In a new post on the DC Universe Online site, the dev team teases out "Deluge" where the "Atlanteans Rise & Superman dies". Then, half a breath later, the same folks mention that Superman's 80th birthday is coming up and that it's something that will be celebrated in game. Let's hope he lives long enough...

Daybreak Celebrating 7 Big Years in a Superhero-Sized Way

It's hard to believe that it's been seven big years since the launch of Daybreak's DC Universe Online. Starting today, Members will be able to snag a special box that contains "emblems modeled after Metal, the current special series from DC Comics, in-game posters of Earth 3's epic Superman vs. Ultraman art, and an already-unlocked Paradox Time Capsule". All players will also be treated to the Dark Spector Batsuit for 2018 that has been updated for this event.

Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event Begins & KRYPTO Makes an Appearance!

If you're a DC Universe Online player, you'll be happy to hear that the Anti-Monitor anniversary event has made its return. You can take part in a new solo mission called A World Past Hope & Fear, get a new look with new styles and base items, take home some new artifacts and an artifact equipment slot and, maybe best of all, you can get the new KRYPTO base pet!

Earth 3 Episode Deployed & Superman Gets a Facelift! Huzzah!

The DC Universe Online site has great news for all players with the arrival of the Earth 3 Episode. In this new episode, players will have to work both sides of the aisle with Justice League and Lex Luthor to combat a new threat to Earth. There are new missions "in an open world environment" as well as a new Duo (and an Elite version), a new Operation and two new Raids.

Daybreak Reveals First Details of Earth 3, the Next Episode Coming November 15th

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a look at the next episode coming to the game. Called Earth 3, the new content is being readied to launch on November 15th. "Earth 3 is an alternate universe's version of Earth where good is evil and evil is good, and features the Crime Syndicate, including Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman and more."

Rank Up Artifacts to Unlock Powerful Bonuses with New System

The DC Universe Online team has sent word that the Artifact System is now in place in the game. Artifacts are a gear piece that is placed into a new gear slot. They can then rank up and be upgraded over time with the ultimate goal of unlocking powerful bonuses. "Artifacts require a long term investment and grow with your character" and many of them will provide players with Passive or Active abilities in addition to stats.

PlayStation 3 Support Ending on January 31, 2018

If you have a PlayStation 3 and have been enjoying DC Universe Online for a number of years, you may be sad to hear that support for PS3 is ending on January 31, 2018. The team is focused on "deliver[ing] the highest quality experience to our players [and] we will focus our resources on further optimizing the game for PlayStation 4".

The Witching Hour Event Returns

DC Universe Online players will be able to take part in The Witching Hour themed event from now through October 31st. For this year's event, players can earn three new achievements, play through The Midnight Masquerade, earn a special currency used to trade for themed items, earn new feats and much more. Lastly, anyone logging into the game from now through October 13th can claim a special loot bag filled with currency that can be used at the Riddled with Crime vendor.

Riddled with Crime Launches with Hand Buzzers

OK that may not be entirely true, but we do know that DC Universe Online has launched Riddled with Crime, the game's latest episode that brings both Joker and Riddler to the forefront. Players will work alongside iconic heroes like Batwoman, Nightwing and Talia Al Ghul to bring the funny bone ticklers to heel. Players will have new feats, collections and high-level gear to find.

Water Powerset Lets You Splash Your Enemies & Mean It!

DC Universe Online has been updated to bring the new Water Powerset into the game. You too can become a legendary water bender by commanding water in and around friends and foes alike. The new powerset was "inspired by Aquaman, Mera and Aqualad". Players will be able to wash enemies away in devastating floods, form water into constructs, or use the Healer role to shield and aid party members.

'You've Been Vocal. We Are Totally Listening' Says Producer

The latest DC Universe Online producer's letter has been published that goes into some detail about the recently deployed Stats Revamp update that fundamentally changed much of the game. It has been a bit since the update was released and, since then, the team has been listening to community feedback. "Yep, you've been vocal. We are totally listening."

New Water Powerset & Two Additional Episodes Round Out 2017

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a preview of what players can expect throughout the balance of 2017. Players will be fighting for "the oceans, Gotham and the Multiverse" in two new Episodes, "Riddled with Crime" and "Earth". As part of the undersea content, players will have the new Water Powerset to explore. These new episodes will launch in September and November, while the Water Powerset will be splashing into the game on August 30th.