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DC Universe Online Invites Players to Enjoy Season's Greedings

The annual holiday fete has kicked off in DC Universe Online. Called "Season Greedings", the event runs from now through January 2nd. Players are charged with retrieving stolen gifts scattered in Metropolis and Gotham City.Missions include Ring in the Holidays, Yuletide Fear / Winter Plunderland and Season's Greedings. Each of these must be completed to unlock the Ring in the Holidays daily mission in order to earn Holly Leaves to trade for winter goodies, clothing & base items.

DC Universe Online: Dive Into Atlantis in Our Exclusive Interview

DC Universe Online players have been swimming around in Atlantis recently thanks to the release of the latest game content update. We caught up with SJ Mueller to learn more about the new content and what players can expect. Check it out!

DC Universe Online Dives Into Atlantis Starting Today

Daybreak Games has announced that DC Universe Online has been updated to bring "one of the largest expansions" to the game in its history with the launch of Atlantis. Players can dive into the undersea content on PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

DC Universe Online's Witching Hour Returns with New Feats, Items & Styles

"All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub". So reads the developer post on the DC Universe Online site that informs players that The Witching Hour has made its return to the game from now through October 31st. This year's event features a triple treat of new goodies including new items, styles and feats.

DC Universe Online to Celebrate Batman 'Day' from Now Through September 30th

From today through September 30th, DC Universe Online players can celebrate Batman "Day". Those who log in "can claim a free painted Batman Day t-shirt for their character to wear and pay tribute to the iconic hero". Those who sport DC Universe Online membership will also be able to grab a Batman Swarm t-shirt. Lastly, Resurgence Mega-Capsules are back on the Marketplace "with all new materials inspired by DCUO's Powersets".

New Guide Provides the Basics About the Augment System

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a new guide to help out players with questions about the Augment System that was introduced in Game Update 85. In it, players will learn what Augments are, how they can be used, what bonuses they provide and much more.

Next Episode Announced at San Diego Comic Con: ATLANTIS

Yep, you read that right: DC Universe Online's next episode is called Atlantis and it will be launching this November. "In Atlantis, rebellion is festering deep beneath the sea. Aquaman reigns as king, but for how long?" Players will, of course, be putting on swim trunks and heading to Atlantis to take down the rebellion "where the fate of the kingdom and perhaps of two worlds - land and sea - hang in the balance".

Join the Teen Titans in The Judas Contract

DC Universe Online has been updated to bring a new episode into the game. Called "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, it brings iconic characters to DCUO including Adeline Wilson, HIVE Master, Terra, Jericho and Damian Wayne. In addition, Starfire and Cyborg have been given a facelift and Tim Drake is now Red Robin.

Member Appreciation Week Begins with a Free CR 170 Character for (Member) Log In

DC Universe Online players who are members can get some pretty sweet loot during Member Appreciation from now through July 8th. During the event, any member logging in will receive a free CR 170 character that will be primed and ready to go to Amazon Fury Part III and progress through later content as well.

Put On Your Hula Skirt & Coconut Bra & Get Lei'd in the Summer Seasonal Event

DC Universe Online is inviting players to take part in its annual Tides of War Summer Event. Players will be able to take part in a number of events including battling for the Atlantean Outpost and set out for the Open World Content playing Summer Seasonal Aquaman (Hero) or Summer Seasonal Ocean Master (Villain). Choose a side and earn some great new feats.

Stop Doomsday and Earn Superman's 80th Anniversary Emblem

DC Universe Online has kicked off the second half of Death of Superman as part of the game's celebration of Superman's 80th anniversary. Superman and Doomsday will be going toe-to-toe in Part 2 and players who take part in the regular or level 10 Raid to earn new feats and a title. Those who defeat Doomsday will be able to earn Superman's 80th Anniversary Emblem. It can be purchased from the celebration vendor from now through December 31st.

Teen Titans and New Augments Coming This Summer

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a brief post to announce the next major content update that will see the Teen Titans home to Titan Tower and that "a new system to upgrade your characters". The Teen Titans: Judas Contract episode will be coming in July and the Augment system will be arriving in August.

The Death of Superman: Part 1 Celebrates The Man of Steel's 80th Anniversary

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a brief look at The Death of Superman: Part 1 that is now available to players in celebration of Superman's 80th anniversary. Players will find "a new version of open world Metropolis and the ongoing battle between Doomsday and Superman". Any player of level 10+ will be able to take part.

Spring Time Event Returns with Poison Ivy Wreaking Havoc

DC Universe Online players can check into the game to take part in this year's Spring Time seasonal event. Poison Ivy has made a return and is ready to create havoc with the denizens of Gotham. The event includes new themed items including Style items, pets and a pair of new feats. All players above level 10 can take part.

What's New with DCUO?

With all the talk about Daybreak Games last week, and last weekend containing a big superheroes movie event, it seemed like a good time to check-in with one of the two only remaining superhero MMOs on the market still up and running. It seems like a while since we checked-in with DC Universe Online (DCUO). This is a DCUO briefing of some of the exciting things taking place in the game nowadays!