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DC Universe Online Releases New Episode: Metal Part 1

Today the DCUO team rolled out Game Update 97 to all platforms including Nintendo Switch! The update brings a new episode to the game in Metal Part I as well as changes to artifacts, artifact catalyst consolidation and weapon mastery.

DC Universe Online: Living Life After 30 (Again)

In his debut column, Scott Jelis breaks down life after 30 in DC Universe Online. What does level 30 mean for DCUO players, newcomers and vets alike?

DCUO Artifact Consolidation Update

A new DCUO development update focuses on artifact consolidation, per an official forum post.

DC Universe Online Nintendo Switch Review

A few weeks ago, I explained my background as well as provided a review-in-progress of Daybreak’s DC Universe Online MMO on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out that article here as this full review will build upon what we already know and discussed there. Since the preview, I’ve managed to hit the maximum “level” of 30, did some grouping, participated in the current event and opened some capsules, among other things. Welcome to our review of DC Universe Online for the Nintendo Switch.

DC Universe Online Nintendo Switch Review-In-Progress

I’ve been an avid player of Daybreak’s DC Universe Online MMO since the PC beta. The Windows and PlayStation 3 release happened way back in January of 2011. Back then it was owned by Sony Online Entertainment. Call me crazy but I bought the collector’s edition being an avid DC Comics reader, even today, and I also spent money in-game on the PC version. Then the move to Next-Gen consoles happened and I jumped on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) bandwagon as playing with a controller there seemed more natural to me. I also spent money there as well. Now the same 8-year-old game arrives on Nintendo Switch and for some reason I feel invigorated again.

DC Universe Online Coming To Nintendo Switch On August 6

DC Universe Online is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on August 6.

DC Universe Online Switch Version To Be Shown At Comic Con

In a press release, Daybreak Games announced that they will be showcasing DC Universe Online, the imminent MMO, for Nintendo Switch at San Diego Comic Con July 17-21.

DC Universe Online is Headed to Nintendo Switch

While we don't have a release date yet, we do know that DC Universe Online is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in Summer 2019. Daybreak Game devs revealed that some changes have had to be made to bring the superhero MMO to a mobile platform and that it was a daunting task.

DC Universe Online Updated with the Spring Event, New Character Models & QoL Improvements

DC Universe Online has been patched to Game Update 94 that brings a host of new content into the game including the springtime seasonal event with its new Feats, new Spring-themed base items, suit and a Blossoming Spore pet. As players work through the event, they collect Seed Pods to purchase items from a special vendor.

DC Universe Online Team Looking for Feedback on How They're Doing

The DC Universe Online team is soliciting player feedback about the job they're doing on the game. The thirteen questions cover a variety of topics including whether players approve of the DCUO development, how likely they might be to recommend the game to a friend, whether or not they've experienced a crash recently, and several others.

DC Universe Online Releases New Episode: Justice League Dark

DC Universe Online players can head into the game to check out a new episode called Justice League Dark. The new content is available for XBox One, PC and PlayStation 4 and includes new / returning heroes and villains, new single- and multi-player adventures in new locations and new player rewards.

Shazam Time Capsule Arrives in DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online players can get an early Shazam fix with the arrival of the Shazam Time Capsule ahead of the movie's launch just over a week away. As with other Time Capsules, players can unlock its content with Stabilizers or can purchase it directly from the Marketplace. Players will find random gear perfect for their character, Shazam Collection Styles including the Winged Feet of Hermes, the Cloak of Eternities or the Crown of Solomon. Last but not least, Shazam Emblems.

DC Universe Online Players Will 'Confront Extraplanar Fear' Starting in March

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a preview of the next major content update coming to the game in March. Called Justice League Dark, the new episode will launch on March 28th. Gotham City is threatened by a "massive, tentacled Daemon" from another plane that is descending from a giant rift that has opened above the city.

Celebrate DC Universe Online's 8th Anniversary with Free Gifts

Daybreak Games is celebrating the 8th anniversary of DC Universe Online by handing out some free gifts to players just for logging in. All players who log in can grab hold of a free CR210 Character Advance "which comes with the new and improved House of El 2019 gear suit and Episode 30: Earth 3". Members will receive a "special Member Appreciation Gift box" with an Artifact Cache, Nth Metal, Marks of Victory and the Brainiac Lair theme.

DC Universe Online Anniversary Event Returns with New Rewards

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with news that this year's anniversary event has kicked off. Attack of the Anti-Monitor event features new styles, the Centennial Collapse raid, the "World Past Hope & Fear" solo mission, new feats, styles and rewards.