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DC Universe Online Articles

The Level 1-9 Experience

In DC Universe Online #16 is an exciting article for MMORPG.com's Bill Murphy to write. He's got a hands on preview of his experiences playing DCUO from levels 1-9. That's right: Bill has all the gameplay information that fans and players have been looking for about DCUO and it's all right here at MMORPG.com! Check it out and then leave us a comment or two below.

Hands On Event

Last week, MMORPG.com's Drew Wood had the opportunity to spend some time with the Sony Online Entertainment Studios in Austin, Texas. During his time there, Drew scored some hands on time with DC Universe Online. Drew has a few things to say about DCOU. Check it out then fly to the forums and let us know what you think!

E3 2010: Hands-On Impressions

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood jumped into the comic book world of DC Universe Online at this year's E3 and delivers his report.

AGDC Preview

While in Austin for the Game Developer's Conference, our own Dana Massey had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with SOE's DC Universe Online.

E3 Preview

We saw a mission from the Villain's perspective at E3 2009.

Hands-On Preview

Former MMORPG.com Editor Dana Massey pens this hands on preview report from his recent trip to SOE Austin where they are making DC Universe

Fan Faire Hands-On

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh attended the recent SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas. While there, she got some hands-on time with DC Universe Online. Today, she shares her impressions of the game.