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DayZ Adds Contaminated Zones, Bug Fixes, and Modding Improvements in Latest Big Update

DayZ has just added contaminated zones, those ominous areas covered in ominous green gas, along with a slew of improvements, bug fixes, and changes supporting modders.

DayZ Community Pays Tribute to One of Its Own

The DayZ community recently came together to pay tribute to a member of the community, Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, who was killed in Afghanistan in August.

DayZ Headed to PlayStation 4 on May 29th

DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4 starting May 29th. The PS4 version joins the PC and Xbox One versions of the game from Bohemia Interactive. The brief announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog revealing a list of several games heading to the console.

DayZ has crossed the 4 million sold mark

And it's finally going into "beta"! Yes, DayZ, the game that pretty much started the whole survival game craze, is celebrating 4 million copies sold since it hit Early Access way back in 2013.

Hey Guess What? After 5 Years in Alpha, DayZ is Finally in Beta Testing on PC

Five years after starting the DayZ alpha phase, the game has finally entered its beta phase of development. Bohemia Interactive made the announcement via a new developer v-log that mentions what the team will be working on over the coming months. Most notably, Bohemia is focused on released 1.0 by the end of 2018.

DayZ is Now Available on XBox Game Preview

After what seems like forever, Bohemia Interactive's DayZ has arrived on XBox Game Preview just squeaking by on the "summer 2018" release window. The team previously announced that the PlayStation 4 version will be available "eventually".

Creative Director Brian Hicks Leaving Bohemia Interactive

DayZ Creative Director Brian Hicks has announced that he is leaving Bohemia Interactive sometime in the weeks following the released of update .63. According to a blog post on the DayZ forums, Hicks writes that he feels he is no longer needed for the game's future as the team remaining "has a solid grasp of what DayZ is and what it needs to be".

Live Action Fan Film Portrays the Realistic Interaction Between Players

Fence Post Productions has created a new fan made film based on DayZ. The goal of the project, "End of the Road", is to "capture the tension between characters unaware of the other's intentions or the events that have unfolded prior to their meaning". Film Director James Hope believes the project showcases the in-game interaction between players. "Every situation is influenced and created by the gamer," Hope said.

Game Forums Hacked - Email, Usernames & Passwords Exposed

According to Neogaf.com, DayZ forum users are receiving warning emails about a recent hacking incident that saw user names, passwords and email information exposed to those perpetrating the activity.

Dean Hall to Step Down as Lead Designer

Eurogamer is reporting that DayZ's Dean Hall is stepping down as the game's Lead Designer. According to the interview, Hall will be leaving Bohemia Interactive completely by the end of the year in order to set up his own studio in New Zealand.

Hiking Pants, Shotguns and Hacksaws, Oh my!

The latest DayZ patch has some nifty new loot spawns for players to find in the zombie survival game now in its second month of alpha testing. Among other things, players can now receive hiking pants (and shorts!), hacksaws and shotgun in loot drops. For those scrounging for foodstuffs, berry picking is on the menu as well.

So Much for the Death of PC Gaming

Harbingers of Doom have long been predicting the death knell for PC gaming but according to a new Twitter post from DayZ's Dean Hall, no one should don the black just yet.

No Release in 2014

In a candid statement on the DayZ blog, the team admits that the game will only reach its beta phase of development sometime in late 2014, hence a release in 2015.

800,000 Moved, $12 Million Grossed in a Month

Dan Hall has taken to the DayZ Reddit to reveal that the game has moved over 800,000 copies and grossed over $12,000,000 in sales in just under a month since the alpha phase began.

First Week of Alpha Details Published

The DayZ team has posted a great new developer blog to take a look back at the first week of early alpha access to the game. Writing about the team's amazement at the over 400,000 users who bought into the game, the team gives out some other astonishing details and information about the next steps for the juggernaut.