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Interior Work In Progress Screens

Bohemia Interactive has posted a new (and short) developer blog on the DayZ site. Packed away within the blog are several awesome screenshots showing off interiors the team has been working on lately. They are clearly labeled "works in progress" but look pretty dang good already!

The DayZ Standalone

What do we know so far about the standalone version of DayZ? What would we like to see improved in the full game? We discuss it all in this week's Independency column!

Player Driven Construction Hinted

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a brief report from DayZ's Dean Hall and Marek Spanel. It seems that DayZ players will have the ability to create 'instanced buildings' that might include underground sanctuaries accessed through portals (i.e. a grate in the road, etc.).

Being Developed as a Stand Alone Game

PC Gamer is reporting that DayZ is being developed as a stand alone game. According to a Twitter post from Dean "Rocket" Hall, he will be the lead designer and a new web site dedicated to the DayZ stand alone has also been unleashed.

Counting the DayZ

In this week's Pokket Says, we weigh in on DayZ, the zombie survival that's taken the FPS genre by storm over the past couple of months.

Pokket Interviews Dean "Rocket" Hall and Kills Zombies Too

Find out what the standalone Day Z game might cost, what Rocket thinks of the newly announced The War Z MMO, and more in this exclusive interview with gameplay! -- www.twitch.tv/fpsguru/b/325515481&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=fpsguru&utm_medium=youtube www.twitter.com/fpsgurudotcom www.twitter.com/Pokketsays www.fpsguru.com

Live Stream Q&A with 'Rocket' -- Give Us Your Questions!

Our very own Hillary 'Pokket' Nicole will be conducting a live stream play session and interview with DayZ creator Dean 'Rocket' Hall next Thursday, July 19th and we're looking to get you involved! If you have a question (or questions!) for Rocket about DayZ leave 'em with us in the comments below. You never know, we may select yours during the session!

First Impressions with Ripper X on MMORPG.COM

Ripper jumps into the epic zombie survival mod DayZ for some basic gameplay and first impressions! This is a first look for all new players or potential players interested in this game. More information on Day Z http://www.dayzmod.com Ripper's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TMRipper