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No Release in 2014

In a candid statement on the DayZ blog, the team admits that the game will only reach its beta phase of development sometime in late 2014, hence a release in 2015.

800,000 Moved, $12 Million Grossed in a Month

Dan Hall has taken to the DayZ Reddit to reveal that the game has moved over 800,000 copies and grossed over $12,000,000 in sales in just under a month since the alpha phase began.

First Week of Alpha Details Published

The DayZ team has posted a great new developer blog to take a look back at the first week of early alpha access to the game. Writing about the team's amazement at the over 400,000 users who bought into the game, the team gives out some other astonishing details and information about the next steps for the juggernaut.

$5.1 Million Raked in During First Day of Release

Judging by the $5.1 million dollars raised through Steam sales of DayZ, the game is a huge success. According to a series of 'tweets' from the development team, over 19,000 unique players signed in within the first hour.

Official Alpha Launch Day Arrives

Fans of zombie action will want to head to Steam to grab a copy of DayZ as the alpha launch day has arrived. Players can gain early access to the game with a one-time purchase.

Early Access Coming Soon?

A new Steam entry for DayZ has been discovered that reads "early access". While the code says that the "app is available", it is not at this time and the imminent arrival of the game's early access is neither being confirmed nor denied by the developers.

August Developer Video Blog Details Delay

The latest DayZ news comes in the form of a new video developer diary. The Arma 2 mod has seen some delays recently due to the game's overwhelming size. The video log goes into some detail about why there have been some setbacks as well as shows off some spiffy gameplay. Check it out!

E3 2013 - Dean Hall on Launch and More

We caught up with the man, the myth, the legend: Dean Hall to talk about the final months in DayZ's development leading up to launch and where the game's headed into the late summer and fall.

Huge ARMA2 Mod Brings Back Glory Days

According to an announcement from a group called "GamersPlatoon Organization", a new ARMA2 mod has just been released that brings back the 'glory days' surrounding the original release of DayZ. Called DayZ Origins, the mod gives players the chance of finding "Patient Zero" the source of the zombie infection, Rebuild civilization and much more.

Dev Panel with Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot

Join the developers from the DayZ team for a discussion panel that examines the origins and development of the DayZ Standalone project. Dean Hall (Project Lead) and Matt Lightfoot (Production Assistant) have been taking the concept from its origin as a simple, obscure mod to a full-blown game, and will be exploring this and the future through questions and discussion from the audience.

The Standalone Makes a Splash at PAX East

DayZ Standalone made a splash at this year's PAX East and we've got all the details. From tech, to design process, and overall progress, we've got the scoop.

Interview with Dean Hall and Exclusive Gameplay Preview

Our own Ripper X catches up with Dean "Rocket" Hall to talk about the upcoming Standalone DayZ game. From development process to philosophy, and with several exclusive minutes of screen-grabbed footage (mind the shot from monitor look!) this is one all DayZ fans will want to catch.

Hopes for DayZ

In today's Independency column, we take a look at the ARMA 2 mod currently in development and the headiness of hardcore zombie goodness. See what we think about DayZ before leaving your ideas in the comments.

Beta Imminent, Standalone Release Delayed

The DayZ team has posted a new blog on the official site. The post starts with stating the obvious: The standalone version of DayZ that was originally scheduled to be released at the end of 2012, has not yet been released. Instead, a limited closed beta is scheduled to begin "imminently".

Ripper's Tortured Psyche: DayZ Standalone Update

The DayZ Standalone could be turning into an MMO...The DayZ dev team talks about it on their site here: http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/ More DayZ Information: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/834/DayZ.html Ripper's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TMRipper Music by: Marcus Zuhr