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Dauntless Wild Thunder Update Brings Sub-Classes, New Hunt Pass, More

Dauntless is receiving a new update today called Wild Thunder which brings sub-classes, a new Hunt pass, and more.

Dauntless 'Call of the Void' Reveal, Coming June 11

A trailer has dropped for the next update for Dauntless, called Call of the Void.

Dauntless Nintendo Switch Trailer & Winterhorn Skraev Reveal

During this week's E3 2019, the Dauntless team revealed that it would be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. We now have the official trailer for the announcement as well as the new Winterhorn Skraev reveal.

Dauntless Development Update: Path of the Slayer

On April 24th, Dauntless will be updated with the Path of the Slayer. In a new video developer diary, the team shares some of the major changes coming to the game, including a core progression rework, the introduction of the new Mastery System, new weapon customization options and "updates to the hammer, pike, sword and chain blades".

Intro Cinematic Stokes Hype Ahead of Open Beta's Start

Phoenix Labs has released the opening cinematic for Dauntless ahead of the start of the open beta phase of development on Thursday, May 24th. It shows a team of rookie Slayers heading off on a hunt that...doesn't seem to go as planned.

Evolving Wilds Update

The Dauntless team has released a new video detailing the "Evolving Wildlands" update that brings a lot of changes to the zones closest to the Ramsgate. Players will find notable improvements to behemoths as well as new weapon attacks and combos alongside bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Sharpen Your Skills Update Launches with New Trailer

Phoenix Labs has updated Dauntless with the new Sharpen Your Skills patch that brings the War Pike into the game, one of the first weapons with a ranged attack. In addition, the hunt progression system has been deployed along with "enhanced combat and damage types" and a new gear augmentation called "cells".

Closed Beta Launches Today with New Content

Phoenix Labs has released a brand new Dauntless trailer in celebration of the closed beta launch. CBT started today with a bunch of new content including new Behemoths, story content and much more. Developers are promising regular updates throughout CBT and beyond.

Alpha First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

Dauntless is an upcoming F2P, co-op centric RPG where you hunt giant monsters! And then use their corpses as weapons and armor to help kill more monsters... It's awesome. TheHiveLeader couldn't help but jump into alpha and slay some beasts.

Iron Hammer Gameplay - Hunting the Pangar

Polygon has scored over 10 minutes of game play footage from Dauntless, a Monster-Hunteresque game from Phoenix Labs.