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Dauntless Articles

Make Sure To Craft Dauntless' Silver Sword Before Frostall Ends Next Week

Dauntless is currently holding its Frostfall event, giving players a chance to jump in and pick up some Frostfall-themed items, build forts and hold snowball fights. But it also gives players a chance to forge a lasting item in Dauntless: The Silver Sword.

Dauntless' Latest Update Brings New Hunt Passes, Lightbound Boreus Behemoth And More

Dauntless has released its latest update, bringing new rewards, hunt passes and a Behemoth variant that reminds one of a large, colorful moving mountain.

Preview: Checking Out Dauntless' Return To Light Season Update

Developer Phoenix Labs is shaking up things in their co-op action RPG Dauntless releasing a new update this month to the current Return to Light season. The game is celebrating its third anniversary and 30 million player milestone, and Kevin returned this past weekend to experience the changes made since the original release.

Celebrate Ramsgiving in Dauntless With Ram Armor, New Rewards, and the Permanent Gruk-Gruk Rumble

Dauntless is running Ramsgiving from tomorrow, November 23rd through the 30th. Be prepared to earn ram-themed loot, battle a horde of gruk-gruks, and more during the weeklong event.

Dauntless Update Revamps Cell System, Adds New Hunt Pass, and Preps for the Dark Harvest

The new update for Dauntless overhauls the cell system entirely, adds Banked XP options, new rewards, and more on the way to the Dark Harvest.

Dauntless Update Starts Bonuses and Sets Up October Events

The new Dauntless update fixes a few bugs, adopts some UI changes, and opens up the path to its October content by kicking off a few weeks of events starting tomorrow.

UPDATE: Dauntless Receives Ostigaard Justice Update, Brings Repeater Refresh

Ostigaard Justice is the newest update for Dauntless and brings a refresh to repeaters to the game.

Dauntless Team Goes Behind the Scenes on Thunderdeep Drask

The latest State of Dauntless community update gives us a behind the scenes sneak peak into the development of the Thunderdeep Drask. Check it out.

Dauntless Receives Thunderdeep Drask Behemoth Alongside Patch 1.7.1

There's a new behemoth arriving in Dauntless today called the Thunderdeep Drask. This new monster arrives alongside patch 1.7.1. Read on for more details.

Dauntless Wild Thunder Update Brings Sub-Classes, New Hunt Pass, More

Dauntless is receiving a new update today called Wild Thunder which brings sub-classes, a new Hunt pass, and more.

Preview: The Future of Dauntless Is Radiant

Robin had the chance to check out Dauntless' latest update, Echoes of the Future, which brings a new hunting ground, QOL updates and a new Behemoth, the Chronovore to the free-to-play hunting game.

Dauntless Reward Caches Launch Today with Update 1.6.0

Today is the day Dauntless waves goodbye to the Vault and says hello to reward caches. This update 1.6.0 is set to introduce the Infinite Radiance season in game as well, so expect a roadmap for that soon. Here are the details.

Dauntless Patch 1.5.5 Brings Private Hunting Grounds

The latest patch 1.5.5 for Dauntless has arrived, bringing private hunting grounds to the game.

Dauntless Doing Away With The Vault, Unveils New Reward Cache and Premium Slayers Club

Dauntless is doing away with the VaultĀ  store, instead opting for a new monetization strategy called the Reward Cache. According to a new Reddit post, this will differentiate itself from the current Vault system by allowing players to unlock rewards that rotate out at the start of a new season versus the current timeline in the Vault.

Dauntless 1.5.3 Preview: Six Features to Look Forward to In The Latest Update

There's never been a better time to jump into Dauntless. The 1.5.3 content update is the largest to date, and Emily is excited to give a glimpse into what Slayers can expect from the frozen homeland of the Skaldeskar.