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Darkfall Articles

One Guild's First 24 Hours on NA-1

MMORPG.com's Jeffery Hargrove writes this account of his guild's first 24 hours on NA-1, the first server launched by Aventuring in North America for its controversial PvP MMO Darkfall Online

Looking at the First Expansion

MMORPG.com first time Correspondent Jeffery Hargrove writes this look at the first free expansion to Aventurine's controversial MMO, Darkfall Online.

Overview Part II, Looking at the Down Side

MMORPG.com Darkfall Correspondent Andy Cormier takes a look at some of the current issues that are present in Aventurine's sandbox MMORPG, Darkfall.

The Conversion of a Self Proclaimed Carebear

MMORPG.com Darkfall Correspondent Kelly Price writes this article talking about how a player can go from preferring PvE aspects of MMOs to liking one of the most hardcore MMOs currently available.

4/24 Patch - The Good, The Bad and the Mundane

MMORPG.com Darkfall Correspondent Megan Clark writes this overview of the changes in Darkfall's April 24th patch, highlighting the good, the bad and the mundane

Game Overview, Part One

MMORPG.com Darkfall Correspondent Andy Cormier writes this first in his ten part overview of what Aventurine's sandbox MMO is all about.