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DarkFall: New Dawn Overview

Darkfall: New Dawn is an Empire building MMO taking over the source code of Darkfall Online and evolving it into a meaningful sandbox game being made by Ub3rgames. It boasts impressive technology, providing large scale battles with projectile calculation and player collisions in a seamless open world. Most of the game is played in first person view, for archery and magic, and in a close third person view for melee combat. It has naval combat, mounted combat and an heroic fantasy version of tanks. You could compare Darkfall to an MMOFPS, but with a living, breathing, virtual world. This is a game without classes that offers crafting and a multitude of skills and spells that increase with use and let players feel the limit of their own abilities. There are no mages, warriors or rangers, only combatants that use whatever tools they can to reach victory.


  • Racial wars! | In Darkfall New Dawn, you fight alongside your racial allies for land and glory. Feel a sense of camaraderie as you defend your peers and hunt down the enemies of the realm.
  • Title System! | As you use your abilities, they raise, but instead of having limiting skill caps or classes, you can chose to pick titles that improve one part of your character at the expense of other parts. Specialize or be a jack of all trade, it is up to you to create your own playstyle!
  • Sandbox economy! | With fully localized economy and a global gold account encouraging the division of labour, New Dawn has a functional economy where full time traders and crafters can thrive.
  • Alignment system! | In New Dawn, players will have meaningful interactions and will live in a realistic virtual world. Actions will have consequences.
  • Empire Building! | As a clan or alliance, conquer territory and build up your lands. Being a mindful landlord or crushing your people under taxes will be up to you. Do you have what it takes for victory?