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The Color of Madness Coming June 19th

Red Hook Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Color of Madness. The content update features a new region, new items at the Jeweler vendor, a new enemy faction, three new bosses and new buildings. Look for the DLC for PC on Steam on June 19th for $4.99.

The Color of Madness DLC Coming to PC/Mac on June 19th

Fans of Darkest Dungeon will be happy to hear that a new DLC is coming to PC and Mac on June 19th. Called The Color of Madness, the DLC is anchored by a new location / faction called The Farmstead. Players will be able to take part in a wave-based survival mode as well as complete three repeatable quests in the area.

Crimson Court DLC Delayed, Radiant Update Coming First

The Darkest Dungeon site has been updated with a new developer blog post to give players some information about the forthcoming "Crimson Court" DLC, the game's first major content update. In addition, details have emerged about the Radiant Update that should be hitting the game at the end of February.

The Crimson Court DLC Announced for Early 2017

The Darkest Dungeon team has posted a teaser image that reveals the name of the game's first DLC that is scheduled to hit live service in early 2017. Called The Crimson Court, the quote attending the image says, "The Blood! I must have the Blood!"

Headed to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita on September 27th

The Darkest Dungeon team has a new post up on the PlayStation blog that gives future players the good news that Darkest Dungeon is headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on September 27th.

Everything Burns Adds Forty New Town Events

Darkest Dungeon has been expanded with the 'Everything Burns' update that brings forty different town events into the game. According to the patch notes, parties returning to Hamlet to rest from their adventures may not find things precisely as they left them.

PlayStation 4 Version Delayed Slightly, Mac Coming This Week

The Darkest Dungeon team has posted a lengthy note about the latest happenings in the game including the big news that the Linux version is now live and that Mac will be coming later this week. In addition, the PS4 version originally slated for late spring or early summer release has been shifted to late July or early August.

Rage Quit Simulator

Now, Bainard is hurting both mentally and physically. She picked up a disease in the ruins, along with a few negative quirks, like agoraphobia and satanophobia that don't compliment her pre-existing mental conditions all that well. Not only that, but the stress of the excursion-gone-bad broke her, turning her into a coward.

Short & Long Term Road Maps Revealed

The Darkest Dungeon team is reminding fans that today is the last day to get hold of a copy of the game for the launch price of $19.99. After today, the price will jump to $24.99. In addition, both the long- and short-term road maps have been detailed.

Official Release Trailer

Darkest Dungeon release on January 19th, 2016 #GoToHell

Backer Rewards Timeline Revealed

As the release date for Darkest Dungeon approaches, the team is keen to let backers know the precise timing for backer rewards, when they will show up in game, via download or in the mail.

Latest Edition of Web Comic Features The Leper

Called "The Leper", the latest edition of the web comic based on Darkest Dungeon is now available on the site. The series gives players a look at the back story for each of the characters that will be encountered within the game when it launches later in 2016.

Lots to Explore in 'Those From Below' Update

The Darkest Dungeon team has published the official update notes for the latest game update called Those From Below. The update pits players against fish-people and drowned sailors, seven different types, in fact. The game also includes, new music, new art, curios, and bosses.

Hound & Corpse Update Coming July 15th

The Darkest Dungeon Twitter has a new post about the upcoming patch on July 15th. Called "Hound & Corpse", the update will feature a new hero, new corpses in combat and more. Check out the image below for the details.

Get in There & Enjoy Fiends & Frenzy

This past week we caught up with Tyler Sigman and Chris Bourassa from Darkest Dunegon. The game came out in early access this past February and has been doing extremely well on Steam. We’ve covered the game a lot here at MMORPG.com in recent months and are now checking in with the team about their latest Fiends & Frenzy patch.