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Darkest Dungeon Overview

Darkest Dungeon is an independent roguelike RPG intended to be a challenging adventure for advanced and hardcore players. The fantasy RPG was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. You’ll assemble a party of four on a dungeon crawling adventure, but you’ll be responsible not only for their physical health, but their emotional well-being and overall health as well. There will be choices and tradeoffs at all points along the way. Visiting the brothel might restore some energy but it could also give your party members STDs to deal with. Horrors of war might give someone PTSD. It’s up to you to keep your party together in all senses of the word while facing traditional RPG challenges. Each party member will experience effects dynamically along the way, meaning that no one is safe from possible stress that affects their performance, behavior, and effectiveness. There are ways to help them, but you’ll probably die sometimes, or at least suffer greatly. The game isn’t meant to be a traditional RPG with a happy ending. The developers clearly want to test (and some might say torture) players along with their heroes made all the more human and fragile this time. FEATURES
  • Human Fragility | Dynamic system applies both negative effects and positive solutions throughout the adventures. You’re responsible for keeping your party both physically and mentally healthy against multiple stressors.
  • Layered, Turn-based Combat | Turn-based combat must be balanced with keeping your soldiers healthy and able to fight. Do you deal damage or protect your battle-weary, psychologically fragile companion? This is a game about tradeoffs after all.
  • Story Content, Exploration, & Lots of Creatures |The developers promise an engaging story to work with these stress mechanics, and will be adding features over time. Players will be able to head to town to explore and engage with locals as well as explore the world. Finally, new features and even sources of stress are on the horizon.