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Thief Trailer

Dark Blood, the hit free-to-play hardcore arcade brawler has a new kid in town. She's fast, she's rogue, she's THIEF! Check out her wicked ninja skills and

First Impressions with Ripper X

Ripper X slashes his way into Dark Blood for some MMO arcade action! Dark Blood is a free-to-play action RPG, with a focus on PVP battles, as the player battles across multi- dimensional worlds, each bound together in pairs, to survive or die. There are four classes each with two subclasses that can be selected at Level 20: Warrior/Breaker, Warrior/Berserker, Knight/Paladin, Knight/Crusader, Hunter/Trickster, Hunter/Shooter, Mage/Magician, Mage/Sorcerer. There are many ways players can dec

First Impressions with Director Daniel Chang

Ripper X goes into Dark Blood with Director Daniel Chang for some first impressions of the new game! DOWNLOAD: http://www.playdarkblood.com Dark Blood is an electrifying free-to-play action RPG arcade brawler set in a fantasy realm where only the strong survive, www.playdarkblood.com. The player has been travelling 500 years into the future to save a world threatened by a demon prophesized to have escaped capture. The player must relearn all skills lost in the journey and master the my

Dark Blood Combat Training

Outspark, JCR Soft and GameHi have partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers first notice about Dark Blood, an action combat title coming later this year. In this first-ever in-game video, we are treated to a look at Combat Training.