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Mistvane Shrine Challenges Players to High Altitude Battle

In the clouds above the Floating Isles, there is a prison called Mistvane Shrine that can be discovered by Dark & Light adventurers. Those willing to ride a conveyor belt into the prison will find it packed with "terrible creatures that could not be controlled". It will be a battle to the end, but a lucrative one for those who persevere.

Patch Spotlight - Gobboween Special!

Dark and Light's latest update brings the goblin festival of Gobboween to Archos! Learn about all of the special, limited-time creatures and items you'll encounter in the Gobboween Update!

Basics Series Continues with Info About Goblin Engineering

The Dark & Light team is at it again with the continuation of its Basics series, this time with a look at goblin engineering. Goblins are experts with technology in ways that no one else is. Do yourself a favor and check out the Basics of Goblin Engineering.

The Mysteries of Blackice Peaks Autumn Update Trailer

Snail Games has unleashed a new trailer showing off its forthcoming 'autumn update' that will bring a new biome, new construction abilities, new creatures and much more to the game. They call it a "chilling update" as the icy environs show to full advantage.

Basics Series Explores House Management, Taming & Crafting

We've been a bit remiss this last week or so about bringing in the Dark & Light "Basics" videos that Snail has sent out lately. Making up for lost time, you'll find a trio of great stuff in the form of Home Management, Taming the Wild and Crafty Crafting.

Basics Series: Earth & Beast Magic

In the final Basics video of the week, the Dark & Light team DIGS into Earth & Beast Magic. It's a terrific series designed to give new players a leg up in the game.

New 'Basics' Video Explores the Damp World of Water Magic

Does the Dark & Light team rest!? Those busy folks have sent out yet another video in the "Basics" series, this time to explain the creation of and use of Water Magic. It's time to don flippers and DIVE right in!

Game Play Basics - Fire Magic

The Dark & Light team is at it again with their Basics series. The latest video features a quick look at fire magic and how to create it. This video is the latest in a series of informational presentations to help players during their earliest stages of Dark & Light. Check it out!

Basics - Light and Dark Magic

The Dark & Light team is back with the latest installment of the "basics" series. Previous topics included harvesting and building. In the new episode, get the skinny on the uses for and dangers of Dark and Light Magic.

It's Like the Ultimate Constructor Set - Building Basics Explored

The Dark & Light team has put out the second in a series of videos aimed to help the game's newest players get started in the world without stumbling around too aimlessly. In this edition, players are taught the importance of building their first house. Check it out!