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Early Access Impressions - It's Rough Right Now, But There's Hope

Dark & Light has finally arrived on Steam Early Access. It's one of those games a lot of people have really been looking forward to playing. While we truly believe that there is a good, if not great, game inside the current version, it just feels like Dark & Light should have stayed in development for a longer period of time before releasing into Early Access.

Hurts so Good

MMOs have spent the last decade heading down the ever-more-accessible theme park road, hoping perhaps, to “solve” the intimidatingly competitive aspects of old school games in the genre. Undoubtedly, that's been the developer's path to a healthy bottom line. Still, many a venerable RPG-er (and plenty of MMO newbies) hanker for a more dangerous role-play experience, and Snail Games' upcoming survival MMO Dark and Light plans to give it to them.

Interview with Stephane Quilichini

This article format interview looks at what we can expect from Dark and Light.

E3 2005 Impressions

We stopped by the Dark and Light booth in the Kentia Hall to talk to members of the development team and Alchemic Dream about the progress of this turly massive MMORPG.