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Exclusive Interview Explores the Scalding Abyss and the MMO's Future

Dark and Light may be in early access, but that doesn't stop Snail Games from treating the project like a live game. In this interview we discuss the Scalding Abyss, the latest big update, and how the project is working towards its hybrid MMORPG/Survival sandbox goals.

Professions, PvE / PvP Servers, Tame-able Mounts & More

Dark & Light and the announcement that it is being reborn for a new audience in 2016 has captured a lot of attention recently. We had the opportunity to chat with Snail Games USA Associate Producer Jonathon Stebel to learn more about a wide variety of topics including professions, PvE / PvP servers, tame-able mounts, combat and much more.

How Snail Games Kept Hope Alive for 12 Long Years

The announcement that Snail Games would be bringing Dark & Light to the world in the very near future caught many fans off guard. We took the opportunity to reach out to Product Manager Shen Yan to learn more about Dark & Light, how it's changed over the years and what players can expect in what developers call "even more of a sandbox" than ever before.

Q&A #11

Dana Massey and Garrett Fuller interview the developers of Dark and Light.

Q&A #10

We get more Settlers of Ganareth answers in our 10th Q&A.

Q&A #9

We talk about Settlers of Ganareth in this new Q&A.

Q&A #8

In our eighth Q&A, Jon Wood talks again to the team making this recently beta-bound MMORPG.

Q&A #7

We bring you more answers from Farlan.

Q&A #6

The Dark and Light team returns to answer five more questions as the series continues.

Q&A #5

The Dark and Light team answer our questions as the Q&A series resumes.

Q&A #4

Once again, the Lead Designer of Dark and Light drops in to answer our questions.

Q&A #3

Stephane Quilichini, a.k.a. Vuuar, answers our questions as we resume a bi-weekly Q&A series with the people behind Dark & Light.

Mini Q&A #2

Once again Gilles Zedde sits down with us to discuss Dark & Light as this bi-weekly Q&A series continues.

Mini Q&A #1

We begin a new series of bi-weekly Q&As with Farlan today. Every other Monday we will bring you five new questions and answers from the development team.

Interview With Stephane Quilichini - Lead Designer

A MMORPG.com exclusive interview with the Lead Designer for Dark and Light - Stephane Quilichini. This feature also includes 3 exclusive screen shots!