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Development Update - HUD & UI Polish

Snail games is offering a sneak peek at a few of the improvements that the Snail development team has made to Dark and Light, including new creatures and a brand new HUD/UI. Players interested in exploring and uncovering Dark and Light’s world, spoiler-free, may want to avoid the article.

Exclusive Developer Diary - Featured Creatures Part 2

In the previous Dark and Light creatures spotlight, the team provided a close look at the varied creatures that players will encounter while exploring the world. However, the creatures are more than just set dressing or leveling fodder. Many of the creatures contain varying amounts of elemental magic that fuels Dark and Light’s world, which can be extracted by skilled players but also from raw materials.

Mythical Animals & Creatures

Imagine yourself as a lone explorer in a limitless world of elemental magic that's teeming with mythical creatures. In Dark and Light, the upcoming multiplayer survival title from Snail Games, players will encounter a wide variety of creatures - both magical and magnificent. In previous overviews, players have seen a few glimpses of the creatures that inhabit the game's world, but today Snail Games provides a deeper look into the menagerie of fantastical beasts.

Camps, Cities and NPCs in Dark and Light

Cities are core elements of Dark and Light. Compared to traditional sandbox survival games, where the player's character is simply dropped into the world, naked and alone, Dark and Light starts the player off in one of three distinct cities. This lends to a more "civilized" start for the player, and introduces them to the world in a friendlier way.

A Look at a Breathtaking Realm

The announcement of Dark and Light's upcoming Early Access release has made major waves in the gaming community. As we approach this release, we are excited to reveal more details of Dark and Light's dynamic, world, which is both strikingly realistic and wonderfully magical.