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More About Capturing & Taming Mounts

Snail Games has sent out a bit more information about how Dark & Light creatures can be captured and tamed. Over forty creatures can be captured and tamed, from the familiar to the exotic. Players can locate, capture and tame boar, elk, unicorns, dragons and others that are as yet unrevealed.

Capturing & Taming a Dragon Shines in Gameplay Trailer

Snail Games partnered up with IGN for a first-look at how dragons can be captured and tamed in Dark and Light. For those who have been clamoring for game play video, this is your moment to see one of the year's most anticipated games in action. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Mobile Version Announced by Snail Games

2P.com is reporting that Snail Games has announced a mobile version of Dark & Light is in the works and that it will be released sometime in 2017. D&L mobile is being developed on Snail's proprietary Flexi Engine with four races, eight classes and nine regions. Players can also expect guild sieges, PvE content, raids, flying mounts and more.

Exploring the Game World - Its Cities & Landscapes

The Dark & Light site has been updated with a new look at three of the cities that players will discover during game play. Zaharul, an underground Dwarven city, Vardo, a human city, and the Elven island of Estel are profiled.

Steam Page Up, Coming Early 2017 Now

Well, if anyone thought Dark and Light was coming to Steam Early Access this year still... we have some bad news. The Steam Page is officially up, and it's been delayed into early 2017. Read on for more.

A First Look at Dwarven & Elven Cities

The Dark & Light team is teasing out a few more images via the game's official Twitter page. In the last few days, both the Elven city of Estel and the Dwarven enclave of Zaharul have had a single screenshot shown that reveals design structure around an entry point to each.

Reports Surface About Steam EA Coming by Year's End

According to 2P.com, a Chinese Reddit has revealed that the Dark & Light Steam Early Access program could begin as early as the end of this year. The post indicates that the files have been submitted to Steam and that they are currently under review.

Headed to Steam Early Access this Fall

Snail Games has announced that the much-anticipated Dark & Light will be heading to Steam early access later this fall. Dark & Light is an open sandbox world that blends the 'normal' MMO experience with survival mechanics.

UPDATE: Buy to Play Takes the Prize in NA / EU

UPDATE: Earlier today, we reported conflicting information about the nature of the Dark & Light revenue model. Snail Games sources had indicated both P2P (subscription) and B2P (one-time purchase). In response, the Dark & Light Facebook page has been updated with the news that the game will indeed be Buy to Play.

Snail Games Takes to Reddit to Answer a Few Questions

Snail Games Associate Producer "Horsejoke" took to Reddit earlier this week to answer five questions about Dark & Light. Topics included why Snail is keeping the original name and logo, how movement and combat will work, the three faction system, dragons as mounts and progression in the game.

Development Taken Over by Snail Games

MMOSite is reporting that the development of the long-thought dead Dark and Light has been taken over by Chinese development house, Snail Games. Snail Games is best known for Age of Wulin. Devs call Dark and Light a "real" MMO.

VWORLD Sues NPCube and Farlan

NPCube and Farlan Entertainment, the makers of Dark and Light, are being sued by VWORLD over ownership claims and alleged misuse of VWorldTerrain technology.

Billing System Changes

Dark and Light plans for a new billing system.

Play D&L to Level 10 For Free

Farlan Entertainment allows players to access Dark & Light for free

Special Report: Billing Issues

Reports surfaced late last week of inactive accounts being imporperly charged. MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller reports on what happened.