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Nitrado Server Packages Starting at ~ $20

Dark & Light has an "official" server hosting option for players interested in a more robust way to keep a persistent server running. Nitrado is offering server hosting packages with several options for numbers of slots, FTP access, physical server location and at a variety of price points.

Today's Minor Patch Paves Way for Larger One Coming Soon

Dark & Light has been updated today with a small patch that addresses a number of technical issues including elemental creature respawn that appears to be causing lag or crashing servers and changes and improvements to Wall of Lightning to reduce serious lag issues. This update is laying the groundwork for a much larger update coming soon.

Archos Herald - A Letter with Patches, Community & a Contest

The Dark & Light team has a cool update called "The Archos Herald" that will be a regular series to update the community about what is happening in the development pipeline as well as what is happening in the community, what contests may be available and much more.

Massive Update to Address Optimization

Dark & Light is getting a massive update today that is designed to target optimization issues across a number of game features including game performance, world design, and system fixes. In addition, game features have been updated including items, creatures, defenses, cities and NPCs and the game UI.

Global Mobile Version 'Tales of Gaia' Announced

Snail Games announced late last year that it was working on a mobile version of Dark & Light, but had only confirmed the Chinese version. However, it is now confirmed as a global mobile MMO that is "coming soon". The game's Facebook page has been quite active over the past month, revealing mounts, classes and more. On July 17th, the game finished its "Test Flight" with several key issues identified and addressed. The Android closed beta is scheduled to begin "soon".

Brand New Feature, The Bestiary, Detailed

The Dark & Light Steam page has been updated with a new developer blog to show some of the work in progress that the team has been working on over the last little while. In this edition, a brand new feature called "The Beastiary" has been published to give players a look at some of the creatures they will encounter in the game. The team does give the warning that there are a few minor spoilers so read at your own risk.

First Closed Beta Event Kicks Off

The first closed beta event for Dark & Light has officially kicked off. The team indicated via Twitter that the response from interested fans was overwhelming and that a second, larger closed beta event will be held in the future.

New Video Spotlights Nvidia's Ansel Technology

During E3, Snail Games partnered with Nvidia to create a brand new Dark & Light video created using Ansel technology. With Ansel, players can literally take a screen, freeze time in game and apply filters, enhance the image and save it in a huge number of ways including panorama, wallpaper and "massive gigapixel" size.

Closed Beta Sign Ups Open, CBT to Begin June 20th

The Dark & Light team has announced that closed beta sign ups for the first closed beta have opened up. Signs ups will be available from today through Thursday, June 15th, with the closed beta set to begin on June 20th. There will be a limited number of slots available to head over today to get signed up.

Giving Magic a Unique Place in a Survival Game

The Dark & Light site has been updated with a new blog post to give fans a look at how magic will present itself in the game. The team is vested in making the use of magic unique to survival games. They plan to do this by taking elements from both RPGs and survival titles and "fusing" the systems together in a smoother, less common way than other games in either genre.

New In-House Q&A Details World Building

The Dark & Light team has participated in an in-house interview with Director Shen Yan about how the game world is being built, his favorite locations in D&L and the overall process of design. Yan turns his eye to The Sacred Path, a location filled with twenty unique areas.

Creatures Exhibit Features of Their Environment

The Dark & Light Facebook page has been updated with a brief post and a pair of screenshots showing off creatures that players can tame. One is the product of a volcanic location and is a fire-imbued catlike creature. The other seems to have a more rock-like appearance.

Beta Delayed, Though How Long Remains Unknown

The Dark & Light team has posted a note on the games Chinese site that announces a delay to the start of the beta. While originally slated to begin beta testing in Q4 2016, a delay was implemented for Q1 2017. That has again been extended. If you use Google Chrome's in-built translator, you can read the announcement for yourself.

Brief Update Reminds Us that Development is 'Going Strong'

In a brief -- no, really, we mean it -- brief post on the Dark & Light Facebook page, the team reminds fans that the game is still a work in progress and that "development is still going strong".

Building a Mighty Fortress - Learn How in New Blog

The Dark & Light site has been updated with a brief look at how construction of bases will take place in the game. According to the blog, a based can be constructed nearly anywhere in the world provided the right materials are collected in sufficient quantity.