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Pendragon Patch 1.59b

Posted by Brian Lau on Jan 14, 2003  | Comments

Pendragon Patch 1.59b -

A very important patch for Albion. Some MAJOR caster changes, and dare i say it... People may actually want to play a Sorcerer!!! Here are the details straight from the Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.59b Test Release Notes

Tuesday, January 14, 2003



- We fixed a bug where sometimes, in rare cases, guild would be created using the same guild number. This led to problems where guild messages of the day showed messages from other guilds, mis-assignment of guild emblems, etc.


We've taken a long look at Albion's spellcasting classes with an eye towards making them more functional, as well as more fun to play. These changes are now up for testing, please let us know what you think.

Cleric Changes

- The Smite spec Holy Anger line has had its range increased to 1500 and casting time reduced to 3 seconds.

- The Smite baseline stun (Stunning Flash line) has had its range increased to 1350.

Theurgist Changes

- Theurgist elementals can no longer be rooted or mezzed.

- Theurgist Confusing Gust line has had its radius raised to 350.

- Increased range of Theurgist summons to 2000.

Wizard Changes

- Reduced casting time of Burst of Steam line to 2.5 seconds, which matches the Spiritmaster and Enchanter PBAE cast times.

Friar Changes

- Increased duration of all Friar self buffs to 15 minutes.

Sorcerer/Cabalist Changes

- Increased value on L48 self shield Nullify Offense to 250.

Sorcerer Changes

- Sorcerers can now charm any monster type. This should strengthen their Mind spec considerably, and facilitate better charming in dungeons (where many monsters are undead).

- Added Minion Control to the Sorcerer RA list.

- Increased radius of Fog, Blanket and Cloud of Senility to 350.

- Added a power regen buff to Mind spec list so that all three realms have a version of this spell:

5 Comprehension of Power
15 Perception of Power
26 Perspicuity of Power
36 Cognition of Power
46 Lucidity of Power

- Instead of adding more crowd control to any realm, Sorcerers are getting two new ways of dealing with crowd control.

1) Added a self mez-duration reduction buff to Mind Spec.

16 Shield Mind
27 Harden Mind
35 Steel Mind
45 Invulnerable Mind

2) Added group mez-duration reduction chant to Mind Spec.

29 Solidarity of Mind
39 Unity of Mind
49 Brotherhood of the Mind

General Magic Changes

- Increased duration of all self-only buffs that had 10 minute timers to 15 minutes.

- Fixed a delve bug that affected the "cast time" print. Spells with fractional cast times were truncating the fractional component, so spells with 2.5 second cast times (for example) were listed as 2 seconds. Unless noted elsewhere in the patch notes, no cast times actually changed, they just print correctly now. Please note that spells on the Camelot Herald have always included the fractions of a second; it is only the delve print function that is being updated.


Albion Quests

- The maximum level cap for Catacombs of Cardova has been changed to level 45. The delays for the changes in these dungeons are dependent upon the epic quests that some classes may need to complete. For players who are over the level cap and are attempting to complete their epics, we have provided the following options for the PvP servers only:
Arc of Ages – Players over 45th level and attempting to perform step 4 can now find the forgotten emperor in Cornwall, west of the Catacombs. (PVP Servers)

- Craft of Retribution – Players over 45th level and attempting to perform steps 5, 6, or 7 can now find and animated version of the Amulet of Fasius Previlus in Cornwall, near the Cornish Giants.


- The Circle Protector Ring (Albion) can now be worn in the ring slot.

- The Spider Keeper's Gloves (Hibernia) now has thrust and body resist, instead of two body resist entries.

- The Decorated Seashell Staff (Hibernia) should now salvage for the appropriate material.

- The Seething Death Boots (Albion) that are actually leggings have been renamed Seething Death Leggings.

- The Sable Boots of Dementia (Albion) now increase slashing and body resistances, instead of having two body resist entries.

- The Gauntlets of Mortification (Albion) now increase crushing and cold resistances, instead of having two cold resist entries.

- The Worn Mail of Dissolution (Albion) now increases thrusting and body resistances, instead of having two body resist entries.

- The Diseased Rat Tail (Albion) now increase spirit and body resistances, instead of having two body resist entries.

- The Flesh Stretched Riddle Staff (Albion) now has a Death Servant focus added.

- Future drops of the Bear Mask helm (Midgard) should salvage for the correct material. Please note that this does not apply to Bear Masks that currently exist in a player's inventory at the time of this patch.


Midgard Quests

- Mammoth Hunt - Savages that received the non-functioning Tusk Bladed Fist can take it to Bothrar Hadd in Bjarkan (Gripklosa Mountains) and exchange it for a functioning Tusk Bladed Fist. Players must have Mammoth Hunt listed in their completed quests to exchange the item. Players may only trade in their Tusk Bladed Fist once.

Monsters: Midgard: Iarnwood: The skalds of Aegir are telling tales of a horrible creature named Sariloc in Iarnwood forest. The beast is supposedly very deadly and can reportedly swallow a kobold in one bite. It is unknown if this beast actually exists or is merely a rumor.


Treasure Changes in Vigilant Rock

- The randomly generated objects that dropped from the monsters Rinne, Taiore, and Laraida in the Vigilant Rock will now drop off Tuliros. The randomly generated objects that dropped on Luaire will now drop off Merugat. Tuliros and Merugat roam in the twisted sylvan valley where Luaire and his co-horts are located.

- Luaire, Rinne, Taiore, and Laraida have been returned to their normal quest spawn timer.

Treasure Changes in Vale of Balor:

- The randomly generated objects that dropped from the monsters Adwyth, Drygau, and Anhylaw will now drop off the monsters Cragger and Monger. Cragger (a fomorian) can be found in one of the houses around the Fomorian town area in Vale of Balor. Monger (an ixthiar) can be found in and around one of the tree-trunk houses in the ixthiar area in the Vale of Balor.

- Adwyth, Drygau, and Anhylaw have been returned to their normal quest spawn timer.


Epic Dungeons - We are closely watching the Risk vs reward in the epic dungeons and will continue to do so. These are the first of possible changes and are geared towards smaller raid groups.

1) All non-boss monsters in Caer Sidi, Tuscarian Caverns, and Galadoria now drop more coin.

2) All non-boss monsters in Caer Sidi, Tuscarian Caverns, and Galadoria had their drop rates increased.

3) Numerous treasure table bugs were fixed in the Tuscarian Caverns.

4) Lord Lron Should in Caer Sidi should now drop items.


The Glacier Jewel with the resistances to cold, slashing, and body should now work at the correct level (47).


- The Braided Ivy and Vine Staff now has the correct focus - mentalism.

Tur Suil Changes

- Queen Qunilaria's drop rates were altered. She will now only drop 1 100Q item, with a *chance* to drop randomly generated items.

- The Gloves of the Black Archer are now correctly known as the Sleeves of the Black Archer (Albion).

- Fur Brushed Chain Leggings (Midgard) can now be dyed and salvaged.

- The charges on the Gatekeeper's Reversion Cloak (Midgard) can now be used. However, please note this item is NOT rechargeable.


- Grand Lord Martel's difficulty has been adjusted. (Gaheris)

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