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Dark Age of Camelot Gives Q&A

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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A new Q&A went up for Dark Age of Camelot earlier on their blog, outlining a myriad of user-submitted topics.

See a snippet of the questions and answers below, and be sure to check out the post in full here.

In Midgard, I know of 14 possible locations of Doppelgangers.

Are there more spawn points for Doppelgangers AND more importantly, how many are active at one time? (i.e. There are only five (5) than will be active at one time in assorted locations, etc.)

Doppelgangers spawn as follows in each individual zone:

Pennine Mountains, Jamtland Mountains, or Breifine: 2 can spawn at once out of 8 potential locations

Hadrian’s Wall, Odin’s Gate, Emain Macha: 2 can spawn at once out of 10 potential locations

Ellan Vannin: 3 can spawn at once out of 15 potential locations

Their spawn-rates are relatively fast so that there should almost always be at least 1 Doppelganger up in each zone.


Would it be possible to have stuff like ML10 tokens and mounts from 10p boxes, be stored in house and personal vaults? I know mansion deeds also cant be stored there, but if that is intentionally i dont know.

The ML10 tokens and house deeds are able to go into personal vaults already, just not house vaults, which is more than sufficient considering their value.

Unfortunately, the way mounts are awarded would need to be fundamentally changed to allow them into a personal or house vault. We can look into other ways to alleviate unused mounts clogging up an inventory though!


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