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    Real Life
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    2010 (08/03/2010)
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Dance Groove Online Overview

Dance Groove Online was a rhythm game where players could create a character and compete in dance battles of varying difficulty to score points, level up, and fight for dance stardom and glory. Similar to Dance Dance Revolution, DGO didn’t require a dance mat, just your fingers. Players had character options for gender, body size, and body type, and more than 300 items available to customize a character with. Play included a solo mode to practice your skills, level up and engage in even more customization. Players could try dancing with friends or joining a dance crew. Dance crews were the game's guilds, and there were crew vs. crew competitions, as well. The game's difficulty started at four keys and included six, and eight-key modes for more advanced dancers. There were defense items to protect one's character and attack items to hinder others. Events were frequently held in-game, and GMs could also take part in the competitions and award prizes.

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