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Cuisine Royale Articles

CRSED: F.O.A.D., MMO Last-Man-Standing Shooter, Out Now on PC and Next Gen Consoles

CRSED: F.O.A.D., the self-described MMO Last-Man-Standing Shooter, is now available on PC and console.

Strap On Your 6-Shooters & Mosey Into Cuisine Royale's Wild West Seasonal Content

It's time to belly up to the chuckwagon, pards, as Cuisine Royale has been updated to bring the Wild West content season into the game. Players moseyin' into the game will find cowboys, bandits, sheriffs, Native Americans and "other heroes of the prairie". In addition, and for the first time, a female playable character is available.

Gaijin Entertainment Cooks Up 'Mean Ass Zombies' in Cuisine Royale

Gaijin Entertainment is inviting all chefs to the latest cookout in Cuisine Royale. This time, devs are serving up "mean-ass zombies". The trick in this Halloween treat is that when a player dies during the "battle royale" game, they will be transformed into a zombie that will in turn try to kill those remaining.

Cuisine Royale to Implement The Seasons of Grande Cuisine Starting with Italy

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software have announced a new series of in-game events that will be focused on the foods of various nations throughout the world. Of course, this will all be implemented in a humorous way. The Seasons of Grande Cuisine will kick off with a celebration of Italy where players will be collecting items to create great cuisine in the form of "Fancy pizza pants, Mafia suits, Venetian masks, Provocative graffiti, Antique gravestones & more".

Kitchen Utensils Used with Deadly Effect as 1M Players Take Part

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that over a million players took part in the free to play Cuisine Royale, a battle royale with a culinary twist. Cuisine Royale began its life as an April Fool's Day joke that gained traction with the company's fans until the team finally decided to give it a go by releasing it earlier this month.

An April Fool's Day Joke that Turned Into a Standalone Game

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that its April Fool's Day event called "Cuisine Royale" has been turned into its own standalone game. While it features the standard type battle royale themes of taking out the enemy to be the last one standing, Cuisine Royale does so with cooking implements and themes throughout. "Use a colander as head protection or equip a wok as a formidable breastplate."