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  • Genre:

    Battle Royale
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    Real Life
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    Darkflow Software
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    Early Access
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Cuisine Royale Overview

Cuisine Royaleis an “all-kitchen-warfare” Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally released as an April Fool’s joke from developers of the upcoming squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale is now released as a stand-alone title. Combining the latest flavors in the video game industry, Cuisine Royale pits players in a vicious “Battle Royale” deathmatch mode. Armed with nothing but their skivvies, players must locate and stockpile an arsenal of World War II weaponry, ranging from various pistols and rifles to heavy machine guns. In addition, kitchen utensils, such as cooking pots, colanders, waffle-makers and frying pans, are also available, adding the necessary ‘spices’ to serve players with an entirely distinctive Battle Royale experience.

  • World War II Battle Royale | Search the fields of Normandy and stockpile from a massive arsenal of World War II weapons, including knives, axes and famous guns such as the M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant and MP40.
  • Who Knew Kitchenware Was This Deadly! | Use a colander as head protection, equip a wok pot as a formidable breastplate, or use the versatile frying pan to shield yourself from bullets or bash some heads in.
  • Improve Your Character! | Strap on an IV for health regeneration, use a thick set of glasses for better weapon accuracy or chew on a cuban cigar for increased hitpoints.
  • Free For All Loot Boxes! | The most honest system of Loot Boxes ever sees them scattered freely available across the map, containing delicious foodstuffs to regain health, weapons and other equipment.
  • Only The Fanciest Panties! | Head to battle in style with underwear of all colours and patterns, including everyone’s all-time favorite - hearts!