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Crucible Developer Update Acknowledges Launch Issues

Provides insight into upcoming improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent developer update for Crucible, the dev team acknowledges the issues with the launch state of the game.

The video starts with Josh Davis, the Head of Community, thanking the community for launch week. He then summarizes that the team has released eight updates since May 20 targeting matchmaking and server stability before recognizing there is room for improvement.

Josh states that the team is moving away from these smaller updates to larger updates which will take more than a day to finalize. To that end, they’re looking at forums and social media for feedback on Crucible.

The video then discuses reworking pretty much all the tutorial videos, in addition to revisiting loading screen tips. A toggleable scoreboard is also set to be added to check scores in-game. A surrender feature is also being added. Perhaps most importantly, the team is focused on improving performance.

Match flow (queuing, getting into the match, and fighting) is being looked at, in addition go UX. Combat feedback is a big one as well which the team is looking at, along with communication in-game with other players such as voice and text chat with voice chat coming before text.

We don’t have any dates for these updates and improvements yet, but the team stated they’ll communicate them as soon as they are able. Check out the video update below:


Poorna Shankar

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