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Amazon Provides Update On Crucible, Moving It Back To Closed Beta

Un-releasing the game?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a weird turn of events, Amazon is taking the already released Crucible and moving it back to a closed beta according to new update. This is interesting since the game is technically already released - so maybe an example of a studio un-releasing a game?

Via a post on Crucible's website:

A few weeks ago, I told you about the steps we were taking to change and improve Crucible in response to your feedback. That plan is still the same, but we’re taking a new step that will help us focus on providing the best possible experience for our players as we continue to make the game better. Starting tomorrow, Crucible is moving to closed beta. We’ll continue following the roadmap we laid out previously and working on map, combat, and system changes to improve the Heart of the Hives experience as well as implementing other improvements based on your feedback and what we think the game needs in order to thrive.

As a result, Amazon is stating that the player experience and how they interact with Crucible will remain the same in the new beta. You'll still be able to stream, capture gameplay and more. Existing players can simply join via their current download of the game. And, of course, the in-game store will continue to exist according to Amazon. 

Additionally, the team will be setting aside weekly play sessions to jump into the beta with players and get feedback. They will also be adding a council of players to work closely with from all play styles, casual to the hardcore competitive players. 

If you want to be in the beta, Crucible is stating that you'll need to download the game before tomorrow, July 1st, at 9am PT. For those in the future who want to give this a try, there will be a way to sign up via the website. Since its launch last monthCrucible has been met with a myriad of issues, which the team acknowledged late May. This might be the first step to alleviate and fix many of those issues, but it's surprising to see a game pulled from digital shelves a month or so after it launched. 


Joseph Bradford

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